Ghostbusting on the PS2 & Wii

The Playstation 2 port of Ghostbusters the video game is no different from the Wii version. Like its cousin, it is a simpler game with easier puzzles to solve and with its own share of bugs that can hamper game play. One nice feature is the ability to chose a male or female Rookie character at the start of the game. With cartoony graphics, the game is made for a younger audience to enjoy than for die-hard fans opting for the PS3 / Xbox360 / PC version for its true-to-the-movie experience.

The Team with the Rookie
The Team with the Rookie

While this version is not as complex as its current gen cousin—with its wider selection of ghosts to bust and detailed levels to play through—the PS2/Wii version is still enjoyable. Sadly, the PS2 version is difficult to play through because of constant screen freezes, indicating this game was not thoroughly tested before being released.

This game frequently stalls at inopportune moments and The Return to Sedgewick Hotel level is the most problematical. Aside from going into the building to defeat the Spider Lady, Rookie has to navigate dark exits which can take him either to the next stage, into darkness or above New York City. Also, there are rendering problems and disappearing audio. Larger maps are not fully loaded into the console’s memory and the audio sometimes disappear. They tend to occur when players try to race through a level or skip scenes.

Even the AI gets confused too in the PS2 version. True to their ethereal nature, ghosts or boss characters are flying through walls in the cut-scenes, but they can not in the actual game.

Ghostbuster on the prowl
Ghostbusting feels good, with Stay-Puft's minions slobbering over you.

Errors aside, sometimes these bugs can be used to the players advantage, especially when the level boss is chasing after Rookie’s support, giving players tine to line up that shot with their proton pack.

By playing the game slowly, these bugs are less likely to occur but there is no real way to predict when the game will freeze. The best tip is to let the cut scenes play all the way through and progress through the game in a leisurely pace, and to blast everything that is destructible; that is how one finds this game’s secrets, like the bonus art, in the quest to complete Toban’s Spirit Guide.

But even the other ports of Ghostbusters the Video game are not perfect;  PS3 owners are reporting a drop in frame-rate or the museum level freezing and on the Wii, the Gravedigger ghost in the graveyard stage can sometimes disappear and trap the Rookie in a room with no escape.

Despite its flaws, Ghostbusters the Video game is a weekend diversion, even on the PS2 and it is a fair port for an older gen console that’s slowly on its way out.

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  1. To bad for the problems with this game as Ghostbusters is a classic that deserves better. Game companies should invest more heavily in game and bug testing before releasing a major title such as this, I know large companies such as EA do extensive testing on all their games before release and seldom experience these types of glitches.

  2. That’s really a shame that there are these issues with this game. I’d like it a lot, but I’m not about to spend money on something that freezes and doesn’t allow me to play through. Like I said, it’s just a shame.

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