Patching the Holes in Ghostbusters

PS3 owning ghostbusters can rejoice to busting in style without the bugs that plagued its version 1.0 release. Reviews and gamers bemoaned the problematic game freeze problem and in response, Atari announced a patch that is available for download through automatic update for consoles connected to the Internet.

As this patch fixes one problem, it also updates others. Single and multiplayer modes are fixed, localization issues are addressed and even the audio / subtitles make sense now. Also, the Pay Day and Capture All Most Wanted Ghosts Trophy now unlock properly.

Hopefully the other platforms will receive a similar update paths or are rebated with a fixed version, when online updating is not possible. While the PS3 shines in competition to its Xbox cousin, the PS2 version also suffers from freezing and is not as widely publicized.

Ghostbusters, the Video Game was released on June 16, 2009 and sold over a million units.

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