Ghost Recon 4 Announced

Announced isn’t the right word. I don’t know if Ubisoft wanted us to know this. The name of the game, Ghost Recon 4: Predator, became obvious after the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification posted a message, saying that Ghost Recon 4 has been rated 15+. The game will be a multiplatformer and will be released around late 2010. We can only guess what the game will looks like, right now.

Ghost Recon: Predator is the fourth game in the long series of first person tactical games based around Tom Clancy’s reads.

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  1. A faux pas by the rating board? Things like that can happen easily enough. I’m not sure why everyone is so secretive anyway. I know it’s a competitive market, but if your product is good, buyers will come.

  2. Sweet deal, but Predator? It sounds to gung-ho for a squad-based combat game. I hope it’s just a project name for now and later they’ll change it to something with a little more catch to it.

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