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My fellow members of the Gamer Syndrome community, today I feel compelled to address a very serious issue. Whilst having a general conversation with a friend, out of nowhere he announced he had never seen Ghostbusters. Now even though its only a film and there are certainly films I have never got round to seeing, this comment sparked such disbelief in me as I found it absurd that someone could not have seen a film that has been imprinted so deeply in the social consciousness. Being the good friend I am, I rushed home, grabbed my blu-ray copy of the film threw it at him, as if sprinkling him with some kind of holy water…in disk format.

Now, this whole scenario got me thinking about my personal skeletons that I keep locked up in my closet and my gaming dark secrets I am ashamed to admit to anyone, let alone myself. The sheer look on my friend’s face when he announced his little secret illustrated how dirty he felt admitting this to me. There are certain games that are sacrilege not to have played, especially if you class yourself a real gamer but I’m sure most of us have a confession we would like to get off our chests. Today I propose you release your gaming demons and since I brought up this topic, its only fair I get the ball rolling.  So I guess this is for my friend Michael.

…Forgive me farther (insert gaming god preference here EG/ Shigeru Miyamoto, Peter Molyneux, Hideo Kojima, etc)

I come here today to repent my gaming sins, for I have never played


….Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.


Now before the “NOOB” hate-mail begins I’d just like to clarify that I actually downloaded and played the multi-player beta ALOT, but by the time the game was released I couldn’t afford it. I really wanted the game and was so stoked leading up to its release but as months past since its release and the game’s price-tag (even pre-owned copies) never dropped, I continued to roam the streets and XBL as a sinner.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, Id like others to do the same. Stand up and confess your gaming demons. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a game you have neglected, it could even be an impractical peripheral or a crummy console you were suckered into buying.


Come on guys, you’ll feel liberated after coming clean. You know who you are, stand up and confess!!!

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  1. My gaming confession is that I was totally underwhelmed by Grand Theft Auto IV. It seems that in it’s struggle to be realistic and gritty it also forgot that it was meant to be fun. You know, like it used to be (GTA3, Vice City).

    I’m also (wait for it) a BIG fan of Worms 3D. There, I said it.

  2. I have not played:
    -Halo 2
    -MGS 1-3
    -Mario Galaxy
    -Any GTA game but 4
    -The Burnout series

    However I played every game in the Tales series and have a think for JRPS’s, I’m sorry but they have some crazy story lines.

  3. wow, people have actually not played starcraft before? Dusty whats up? you have a problem with blizzard games? 😉 no WOW, SC or Diablo!

  4. this comment section is full of fail, you people need to get blizzard games pronto! i should make a policy, if you havnt played Starcraft you get the banhammer!

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