GameStop Black Friday Deal A Little Fishy?

So if you didn’t know this already, Thanksgiving is today but for many of us this time of year is much more exciting because of tomorrow.  A day known as Black Friday.  And while the name Black Friday may sound sort of menacing, like the title of a scary movie featuring horny teens and a stab-happy psycho, it’s actually a beautiful, life-changing day.  A day of excitement, amazing deals, and a test of your endurance as a thrifty shopper.  Are you willing to stay outside for hours in the blistering cold with a full bladder to get that gorgeous HDTV that’s just been priced down to half its original cost?  Is that level of strength in you?  If it is, can you muster it?

If you answered yes, than like almost every other major retailer, GameStop is celebrating this momentous event with some pretty great deals.  What may at first glance look too good to be true, is actually a little misleading.  You see, their big promotion promises holiday bundles that include three free games.  The Xbox 360 deal is fine, but it’s the PS3 deal that got my attention.  The three free titles are LittleBigPlanet, and the first and second God of War games.  So really what you’re getting is LittleBigPlanet and the God of War Collection, which is technically one game since the two come boxed together.  This isn’t something GameStop could get sent to court over since they are two separate titles, but I found it misleading to those who don’t spend their days keeping up with the newest happenings in the industry.  So do you think this is a sham, or clever advertising?

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