GamersGate Announces Cyber Monday Specials

GamersGate Announces Cyber Monday Specials

GamersGate, a distributor of digital software, has annouced the sales that they will be holding on Cyber Monday (today.) Apparently, after Black Friday, the next Monday is also a great discount day.

A complete list of games that are discounted can be found here.

Titles such as Hearts of Iron 3 (60% OFF), Dragon Age: Origins (20% OFF), Need for Speed Shift (20% OFF), Risen (25% OFF), Sims 3(20% OFF), Tropico 3 (25% OFF), and many more are on sale for today only.

Downloading from GamersGate is a relatively simple process. Once you purchase the game, you’ll download a small application that streams the game to your computer. This application can run in the background during other computer activity, as it doesn’t hog system resources.

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