Gamer Syndrome Podcast Week of October 19, 2009

This is the first installment of the Gamer Syndrome podcast, it will cover the top stories on a weekly basis.

In this first episode I cover the announcements of Dragon Age Journeys, the release date for Mass Effect 2, the Xbox Live dashboard update preview program, and the Lego Rock Band full track list.

Feel free to listen to or download via the black box below.

Once downloaded you can play it in Itunes, and other media players, as well as on most portable devices.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy.

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  1. yup,
    I plan on putting them out weekly.
    However they will be put out on Saturdays starting next week, so that way they can encompass all the weeks news (and i will have weekend time to make it).
    And thanks so much and im glad you liked it.

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