Galactic Pursuit: LEGO Space Police

Ok so who is board of games with LEGO in it? it seems like every other game now has LEGO, we have super heros, Jedis, Rockbands and many many others!  Its no surprise that LEGO games has now made it to the online game world with this new game Galactic Pursuit.  If you are skeptical and board of more LEGO games we understand! but hey the people that have played the game give it great reviews.  Maybe LEGO games are not played out yet? 😉

Dallas-based Blockdot has released “Galactic Pursuit,” an outer-space cops-and-robbers game for LEGO® Systems, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of toys for children.

The game, which was created to promote the new LEGO Space Police product launch, lets players pursue villains on a high-speed chase through the galaxy and capture them! The more arrests you make, the more villains you’ll unlock.

Ready to report for duty? Click on the blue arrows to view the ships you can pilot. Press the arrow keys to fly your ship through the galaxy. Use your laser cannons to destroy the villain’s ship and the space obstacles. But be careful: your ship takes damage each time you’re hit by the villain’s laser cannons or you collide with a space obstacle. Take too much damage and your mission comes to an end!

Play “Galactic Pursuit” on the LEGO Space Police site

Read what LEGO fans are saying about the game in the official LEGO forums, including:

• “I just played it, and it was awesome!!” — Fluffy1999

• “All in all, the game rocks!!” — chrismajor2124

• “This game is so cool!” — davidlegoman754

• “I like how it enables you to shoot obstacles instead of avoid them. It’s a awesome game!” — takua381

• “It’s AWESOME!!! EVERYONE SHOULD TRY IT! I could not beat squidman’s level. But it is very cool.” — jake2000bryan

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