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Developer Turn 10 is improving their game with Forza Motorsport 3, the latest installment of the popular and critically acclaimed series. And no, that picture above isn’t a photograph of a Team Bently LMP race car: it’s a screenshot. That’s just how ridiculously good Forza Motorsport 3 looks. Forza 2 was a critically acclaimed, highly successful racing simulator, but it was decried for its relatively plain looking visuals. Turn 10, Forza 3’s developer, hasn’t just removed their former weakness of sparse visuals, they’ve made it their greatest strength. Forza Motorsport 3 is the best looking racing game I’ve ever seen, and until Forza 4 comes out, it seems unlikely anything else will top it in that regard. Despite the high quality of the game’s visuals, Forza 3 will run consistently at 60 frames a second, being one of very few games to do so.


But visuals, as beautiful as they are in a game like this, are just one part of the greater whole, and Turn 10 seems focused on improving every aspect of the already strong Forza gameplay. They’re implementing dashboard views for every car, a feature that greatly improves the sensation of speed and immersion factor that is vital in a racing simulator. Over four hundred vehicles are included in Forza 3, from massively powerful LMP racers such as the Team Bently to street models of common cars like the Ford Mustang. This is all the more impressive when one considers that Turn 10 also has to model interior designs for the roster of cars.


Turn 10 is also implementing far greater range of damage to cars in Forza Motorsport 3, going beyond the cosmetic damage seen in Forza 2. Cars will now be corkscrew through the air if they crash in the right (or wrong) way, suffering realistic levels of minor or catastrophic damage alike. Grazing the side of another car might result in your own car pulling to the left or right, an extra factor that will add realism as well as challenge. Players who drive recklessly will now have to contend with the damage, and its disadvantages, that even small collisions will result in.


Turn 10 is also improving the career mode of Forza Motorsport 3, making it a more coherent experience. The garage where cars are stored will be an actual physical area, rather than the simple menu like screen it was in Forza 2. Seemingly small changes like this have a significant cumulative effect. While Forza 2 had an impressive feature set, Forza 3’s range of improvements in every area make its predecessor seem obsolete and outdated in comparison.

Forza Motorsport 3 is being released exclusively for the Xbox 360 console on October 22nd, 2009.

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  1. Wow that is some intense detail in graphics, I usually don’t play car racing games but these days the car games are looking more and more real and the graphics are becoming quite impressive. I like how the game play looks smooth in the demo video.

  2. Yeah, it being 60 frames a second makes a huge difference, that’s part of why Call of Duty 4 was so popular, the high framerate makes it feel very smooth and responsive.

    I didn’t like racing games either, but now that they’ve become so realistic with physics and visuals and whatnot, they’re pretty fun. This is probably the only way I’ll ever get to see what the inside of these 3 million dollar cars look like haha.

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