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indexmask2Now is the time of year when pre-orders run rampant and good games get scarce. Some of us gamers do not plan for the holiday season and boredom takes its toll, sapping the life blood from our digits which carry Hulk-like strength and cause us to do things we normal wouldn’t like take a shower or sign a friend up as the local receptionist for the Cult Of Cthulhu (true story by the way). Anyways if you did not get the video game that you looked forward to getting all year there are alternatives to slitting your wrists.

I found a fairly powerful alternative when my Xbox 360 broke for the seventh time. You see in my boredom I turned on my laptop, flicked on the internet and played some browser based games via a link a friend sent me via Facebook (that friend may are may not currently be a part of the Cult Of Cthulhu).
Anyways the link was for a 2D side scrolling, run for your life game called Dinorun (link: I became addicted to this game, playing for hours and making sure that little dino did not get extinct. When I finally got tired of Dinorun I raided and I basically played every game on the site for like ten seconds. Afterwards I found Jetman via Facebook which is kind of like Dinorun but harder (link: Now if you don’t have Facebook that is ok because I found a game just like Jetman called The Helicopter Game (link:


However I started to miss Xbox Live and multiplayer gaming so I started my search for free browser based MMO’s. The first game I came across was Adventure Quest Worlds(link:, this game is really well done, there is new content every week, nice 2D art, simple point and click controls and I have been a fan of the game since last January. Another game I came across which is similar to AQ Worlds is Sacred Seasons which plays more like a traditional turn based RPG (link: However to emulate the loss of my Halo 3 multiplayer I found a really good free multiplayer game created by the fellows at Id software who are the masterminds behind the Doom franchise. Anyways the game is called Quake Live and it is probably the most amazing browser based multiplayer FPS anyone will ever see grace the internet (link: Anyways if you want free team death mach gameplay than this game is the real deal.

QuakeLiveSo if you are looking for a cure for video game boredom than play browser based games. All the links provided lead to pretty decent free browser based games so feel free to check them out if you got nothing to do.

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