First UFC 2010 Trailer

Spike TV’s 2009 Video game awards gave us a look at things to come. Being a Mixed Martial Arts fan I found the UFC 2010 trailer the most interesting. On the surface it looks like there are no improvements to the game since its last instalment.

However after replaying the video a few times I realized that their were a few submissions pulled off from sweeps which gives the game a more active feel. Now I have trained for the last few months in submission wrestling and MMA; seeing an arm bar pulled off via shrimping makes this game a must buy on my list since that is one of my favourite submissions and adds a technical flare its predecessor did not have.

The standup fighting looks like it has improved a bit as well; In UFC 2009 the dodging and blocking mechanics of striking where very poor. Now it looks like you have better dodging options.

Now on top of all this news it looks like Kimbo Slice will be one of many available fighters who was not featured in the last game. It is also rumoured that fellow Canadian, Krystof Soszynski and heavyweight prospect Junior dos Santos will be playable characters.

Overall the last UFC game was good and honestly the UFC 2010 trailer does not look amazing but it looks like there will be new content in this game which will make it better overall; I hope.

Anyways, as a big fan of MMA I am pumped for this game.

Check out the trailer.


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