[First impressions] Aion

Platform: PC
Developer: NCSoft
Publisher: NCSoft
Engine: CryEngine
Gameplay Modes: Multiplayer
Website: AionOnline.com

Just so that i don’t repeat myself and you are interested i suggest you read my beta test of the game a few weeks back to see how hyped i was about this game. You see, i’m an MMO fan. But not those tearfully soft MMO’s like WoW. I’m a fan of hardcore MMO’s. I can’t help it – i like it rough. When you are thrown in a world you don’t know, with nothing but your mouse. That’s one of the main reasons i still consider Gothic one of the greatest RPG’s ever created. Ever since i got hooked up big time on Lineage 2 back in 2005, i really got to know how hardcore an MMORPG’s gameplay can be. Lineage 2 quickly became my favorite MMO. There was the non-stop grinding, the clans, the sieges, the PvP, the PK. Lineage 2 left an image of how an MMO should look into my mind. Aion is heavily influenced by Lineage 2. Aion actually started out as Lineage 3. But NCSoft decided to quit on it, because it had too little to do with Lineage. Props to the developers for sticking with their project and actually turning it into a finished game. Props.

Character creation at it’s best.

What’s the first thing you do in any online RPG? Create your character, of course. The character generator in Aion blows away anything giving you complete control over how your character should look like. And it’s not just the basic appearance. You can add pointy ears(darn elves!), for example. You can change everything. I especially liked the option of pumping your character’s boobs as much as you want. After selecting your class(Warrior, Scout, Priest or Mage) and creating your character’s appearance you are thrown at one of two noob zones, depending on the race you selected(the bright and colorful Elyos or the dark and ruthless Asmodians). This is the time to realize where you are. In a Korean MMORPG. Most of the time all you will do is grind – farmers rejoice! The grind element in Aion is taken so high that you have the so called “Grind Quests”. These are normal quests that you can repeat.. 200 to 500 times. You also have the so called “Mission Quests” that are more important quests with cutscenes. For example, changing your character’s class. Speaking of which once you advance to level 10 you will have 2 subclasses to choose from. Choose wisely, as each one plays a different role and there’s no turning back.

The sanctum.

When Aion was announced one thing was taken into consideration – the ability to fly. You can fly – yes. But you can only fly at some areas and when you first get your wings(at level 10) you will only be able to fly for one minute. As time passes you will receive items that increase your flying time. But never fear – you have the option of gliding which will help you move faster. All you have to do is press your jump key twice.. Flying plays a major point of the game while you are at the abyss, or so i’ve heard. Haven’t been there yet. I decided to go with a hot, but well thought warrior called Gummy. She’s currently a level 24 Gladiator. We’ve already talked about the so called skill chains(combos) all i’m going to say is – they play a pretty major role in the gameplay on the higher levels, especially when PvP-ing.

Fear the magical carpet! Fear it!

I love PvP, i won’t lie. I love smashing other players, doing cheap tricks and investing some strategic thought. That’s why i hate WoW. I’m glad to say, that the PvP in Aion is just as well done as it was in Lineage 2, for example. You have three options on how to fight other players – challenge them to a duel(1vs1), enter the arena(free for all) or play in the Abyss(abyss). I’ve already tested out the first two options and got my ass kicked more than once, but i still didn’t get a chance to play in the Abyss. But i will as soon as i can. I also didn’t get a chance to play in any instance. Turns out, most of them are level 50+. Bummer. Not to mention getting the chance to fight a raid boss. But from what i’ve seen on videos, i’m sure it will be well done.

Through the desert.

After investing so much time and brain cells into Aion i still have a long way to go. For which, i am glad. I don’t want to get to the end-game content too quick and loose all the charm. If i have to rate Aion now, i’d say – one incredibly polished MMO that has everything you could want from such a game. I wont lie – i’m addicted.

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  1. Thanks for the post here. I love the imaging. It’s very vibrant and alive in a positive way, and that’s the kind of game I enjoy playing. This one looks very intriguing, so I may have to get a copy for myself.

  2. The only thing i’m worried about is that Aion won’t be able to exceed the piece of crap known as WoW.. Otherwise the game is amazing.

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