Final Fallout 3 DLC Released August 11

Released in October 2008, Fallout 3 has already had four downloadable content packages released for the 360 and PC. Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, and Point Lookout, as the packages were titled, were all successes with critics and fans alike. Bethesda has announced that the fifth DLC package, Mothership Zeta, will be released August 11th, and that it is also the last content package for Fallout 3.

Operation Anchorage took Fallout 3 fans to the tundra in Alaska, and the The Pitt took them to the post apocalyptic remains of Pittsburgh, but Mothership Zeta will take them even further, to an alien mothership in orbit around the devastated planet.

If you’re wondering how aliens came into the picture in Fallout 3, you must have not discovered the alien crash site that was hidden in the Capital Wasteland. The crashed alien spacecraft shown relays a distress signal to the orbiting mothership, which is where the entirety of Mothership Zeta takes place.

Mothership Zeta will take Fallout 3 fans into the sterile but somehow familiar confines of an alien spaceship.
Mothership Zeta will take Fallout 3 fans into the sterile confines of an alien spaceship.

While gunning down aliens is commonplace in videogames, Bethesda probably has put that Fallout 3 charm to good use in making Mothership Zeta stand apart. If you haven’t already purchased Fallout 3, a Game of the Year edition is being made available this holiday season, which will include all five of the DLC packs available for the game.

What do you think of the DLC for Fallout 3? Is it worth the cost, or does it make the game seem too fragmented? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. I think the DLCs are great because when I finished the game it definitely had me sitting there wanting more. But then my prayers were answered with the expansions and the story continued.

    Props to Bethesda for a wicked game.

  2. Well the dlc does seem a bit fragmented really. It didn’t keep me glued to the screen very long. I find Fallout 3 to lack something but not quite sure what it is. It’s fun to roam around and kill stuff but that survival element seems to be eliminated later in the game. I think that’s what made me dislike it later.
    Speaking only about DLCs well they add content but I was hoping for more options that you can do with your character for example that duck behind stuff option like in mass effect or sprinting and VATS is defiantly too powerful it should cost more action points.

    I would rather wait for 2 years for them to make a huge expansion that would modify the game heavily and make it more mad max style and less oriented on the high-tech stuff.
    Maybe taking a rise of the machines story in to the whole thing? Just on the top of my head, but I would love to see a behemoth crushing stuff in the wasteland.
    Seeing a real post-apoc war would be great. Also a co-op option would be great.
    Maybe I’ve gone a bit off topic but I just had to say all that.

    in any case I still think it’s a great game.

  3. I agree with Sven but on the other hand games companies have stay keep innovative and up to date to keep players involved and interested in the game. I truly think that by having these additional content packages they are indeed keeping the game interesting and selling more copies.

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