Fight Night Round 4 DLC Freezes Consoles

Fight Night Round 4 DLC Freezes Consoles

Boxing fans who play on the Xbox 360 were recently treated to another batch of Fight Night Round 4 DLC, only to become the victims of a cruel mistake, as the DLC has been removed due to a glitch that freezes the console.

A glitch in the DLC package causes the Xbox 360 to freeze during the download phase, so EA has pulled the DLC is hoping to re-release a fixed version before the holidays. Any gamers who managed to download the DLC without their console freezing will still be unable to play it until the new version is released.

The DLC, Champions Pack 2, was/is $10 (or 800 MicroSoft points) and comes with a handful of new goodies, like two new game modes, some gameplay tweaks, and boxers Sonny Liston, Bernard Hopkins, and Evander Holyfield. I really want to bust out an ear-biting joke but I can’t think of anything that probably hasn’t been done before.

I’m sure most people know this, but for those still wondering, if you paid for the DLC and can’t download it, you can of course download it free of charge when it’s re-released.

Can any PS3 gamers confirm that the DLC is available and working the PlayStation Network?

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