Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Trailer Thoughts

Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Trailer Thoughts

Well there is a new Final Fantasy Thirteen trailer out which gives us the North American and European Release date. By the way if you live in North America or Europe you can pick up Final Fantasy Thirteen on March 9, 2010.

Now just because I told you the release date the the trailer has a lot to offer. This new trailer details how the game uses HD graphics, shows us new gameplay footage and reveals the official North American and European Final Fantasy Thirteen theme song.

After viewing this trailer I am really impressed with the overall graphical quality of the game. I have to get this off my chest, I am one of the few who did not like Final Fantasy Twelve. You see I just didn’t like the games art, it looked like every other Japanese RPG out there, Its story was nowhere near the calibre of Final Fantasy Seven or Ten and honestly I thought the gameplay was just way to slow.

You see as graphics evolve the demographics of Final Fantasy fans seemed to shift from older gamers to gamers who are 12 to 16. Square Enix alliance with Disney basically solidifies my thought.

However that being said from this trailer I would have to say this game has some of the best looking graphics ever. I was watching this trailer on a computer with a messed up screen and as I was viewing it I was thinking, wow this game looks crisp.

On top of this the gameplay looks action packed. It looks as if the gameplay is a successful attempt to blend Final Fantasy Twelve’s gameplay with the turn based Final Fantasy games of my generation. Lets be honest RPG’s today need to be need to be fast paced. All one has to do is look at the success of Mass Effect and Dragon Age Origins to prove this and as a long time Final Fantasy fan I would have to say the series lacks this quality. All I can say is it looks like Final Fantasy Thirteen could be the most action packed game in the series yet.

emo-hearts-1-pinkOne problem I have with this trailer is that it has been announced that Leona Lewis’ song My Hands will be the official theme song of the game. Now I am not a fan of listing to pop music while gaming, I don’t crank Hannah Montana tunes and play COD and by the way I may be bold in saying this but Leona Lewis is pretty much Britain’s Hannah Montana. Honestly when I game I like listing to hardcore tunes or the good oldies like ACDC. However I don’t go Coheed and Cambria hardcore because slitting your wrists is not cool, especially if you play the Wii afterwards as the wound would probably open up.

Enough ranting! Anyways check out Leona Lewis’ song and judge for yourself but honestly the heavy metal music featured in Final Fantasy Ten would have been a lot nicer.

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Overall this trailer looks great and it is renewing the faith of this old Final Fantasy fan and I am sure it will hype up all you youngsters who like their RPG games.

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