Paradox Interactive Releases Elven Legacy: Siege

On November 17, 2009 Paradox Interactive released the second expansion pack in the Elven Legacy Trilogy, Elven Legacy:  Siege.

Features of the Expansion:

  • 19 new campaign missions
  • The outcome of mission quests will directly impact subsequent missions
  • Two different armies and three new heroes
  • Bonus mission (becomes available after Gold ranked victories)
  • Elven Legacy: Siege will be exclusively available for digital download at all major digital download portals for a suggested retail price of €9.99 and $9.99. For current Elven Legacy promotions, go here!

Story of the Expansion

Several months have passed since the return of the Order of Marcus from exile to the continent and their founding of the kingdom of New Tixus in this, the second official expansion to the epic Fantasy Strategy game Elven Legacy.
Outcast elves under the leadership of the elven lord Saggitel, have once more acted provocatively and dared to cross in to the realm of man, but the human armies are ready and waiting. Inciting the wrath of brother Karel, the fearsome knight of the Holy Inquisition, along with the agent of New Tixus, the ranger Cornelius, Saggitel is now their target of retribution. How far can Saggitel run before they catch up to him?

Each of the heroes, whatever their individual cause, has a mighty army behind them. In the course of their adventures, each will have to stand in battle and withstand mighty sieges in their quest for survival and victory. The ancient impregnable fortresses of the dwarves, the enchanted cities of the elves, and the historic capital cities of Eolia, each will see their share of bloodshed, and each will become sites of conflicts which will go down in the annals of history.


In Elven Legacy, players take the role of a tacician. Before each stage, players can recruit new units into their armies and upgrade units to new classes that they already have. Then, when playing a course, they can deploy a certain number of units onto the field.

The game is turned-based, where players take their turn, they the AI takes their turn. Every unit can move and attack on the player’s turn, and each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses. Also, uniquely, units gain experience when they fight. When they reach a certain amount of experience, they then level up and learn new skills. The game also takes a unique turn by allowing certain items to be found on certain tiles. For instance, a player may move a unit onto a cave to find a rare artifact of power.  Similar to Fire Emblem, when a unit’s HP hits 0, they die forever.

The game promises a challenge to all players. With multiple storypaths and difficulties, it promises a rewarding experience to all players. The game is well worth playing for its unique take on strategy games.

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