Paradox Interactive Releases Elven Legacy: Magic

Today, Paradox Interactive announced the release of Elven Legacy : Magic, the last game in the Elven Legacy Trilogy. The Elven Legacy series combines turn-based strategy and RPG gameplay. The game is available exclusively for digital download. (Please note that players need the original Elven Legacy game to play this expansion.)

The story of Elven Legacy is described as:

The era of Elven Legacy is coming to an end. A relentless wave of demonic magical energy has swept the world and has now reached the free city of Sylent. Powerless, the Masters of the Academy of magic are being driven insane. The Holy Inquisition acts swiftly to intervene in the seemingly hopeless cause of preventing the world’s slide into darkness and madness.

At the forefront is Alfred Brennock, the Archmage supreme, who alone is mastered in the full array of the arcane arts, and who alone can save the lives and the sanity of his academy pupils. Creating spells of untold power, Brennock faces the ultimate test of his will as he summons legions of mystical spectres and crosses half a world in a desperate attempt to stem the tide of evil!

Key Features:
• 15 new campaign missions
• A new hero and the return of heroes of old
• New tactical skills; armies of summons, and sacred dwarven runes
• Powerful new spells and artifacts that can drastically affect any given tactical situation if used correctly
• Bonus mission that continues the tales of heroes from Elven Legacy and Fantasy Wars


In Elven Legacy, players take the role of a tacician. Before each stage, players can recruit new units into their armies and upgrade units to new classes that they already have. Then, when playing a course, they can deploy a certain number of units onto the field.

The game is turned-based, where players take their turn, they the AI takes their turn. Every unit can move and attack on the player’s turn, and each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses. Also, uniquely, units gain experience when they fight. When they reach a certain amount of experience, they then level up and learn new skills. The game also takes a unique turn by allowing certain items to be found on certain tiles. For instance, a player may move a unit onto a cave to find a rare artifact of power.  Similar to Fire Emblem, when a unit’s HP hits 0, they die forever.

The game promises a challenge to all players. With multiple storypaths and difficulties, it promises a rewarding experience to all players. The game is well worth playing for its unique take on strategy games.


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