Next Earthworm Jim Not a Sequel

“Earthworm Jim!  He’s such a groovy guy.  Earthworm Jim!  He rockets through the sky.  Cruisin’ through the universe, having lots of fun, here comes Earthworm Jim you know that he’s the mighty one!  Look out!”

That’s just a small portion of the opening theme from one of the most iconic cartoons of my youth.  I’d wake up every Saturday morning, pop a tape into the VCR, and get ready to record that Saturday’s episode so I could watch it over and over later that day and until a new episode aired the following week.  The witty, humorous, and action-oriented cartoon was based off of the hit video game Earthworm Jim, which was released for the Sega Genesis and later ported to the SNES and practically every console known to man.  More recently, the game was released on Nintendo’s Wii Shop Channel, so gamers who had never experienced the platform/shoot ‘em up hybrid (You poor souls.) or those who just wanted to relive their gaming past got a chance to play through the game.

Interplay announced not too long ago that a new Earthworm Jim game was in the works along with a new animated series and feature film.  Aside from the aforementioned details, not much had been mentioned regarding the earthworm in a super suit, so fans weren’t sure what to expect.  Interplay has yet to elaborate on the tentatively titled Earthworm Jim 4, but French developer and publisher Gameloft has revealed plans for an Earthworm Jim remake.  The game, which is a revamping of the first game, will have updated graphics, different difficulty levels, leaderboards to track kills and completion times, and the bonus level included in the Special Edition version released for the Sega CD and PC.  In addition to those extras, Gameloft has promised “some surprises.”  The game will come out for Xbox Live Arcade followed by releases for PlayStation Network and WiiWare one month later.  Screenshots for the iPhone version of the game have appeared on the internet, so it is almost a sure thing that the App Store will include the game for purchase as well.  According to Gameloft, the game will be available to consumers via download later this year.

Genesis/iPhone version comparison.
Genesis/iPhone version comparison.

So, there you have it.  The next dose of earthworm goodness isn’t going to be the much-anticipated Earthworm Jim 4, but a remake of the first game in the series.  Is it wise to release a remake of a game that was just released in its original format on the Wii Shop Channel?  How many gamers will really shell out the cash for the game if they already purchased the old-school version?  Do the extras justify making another purchase?  Lastly, when can we expect the true sequel, Interplay’s Earthworm Jim 4?

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  1. That’s something I can look forward to, I freaking loved that game even though that damned Buttville level made me take an innocent life. Until then, I’ll be wasting my time watching Ef and trying to get 358/2 days.

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