The Natural In EA MMA!

The Natural In EA MMA!

couture_champEA has signed former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion, Randy “The Natural” Couture onto the companies upcoming mixed martial arts game, EA MMA. However Couture, one of the most dominant fighters in MMA history, will be featured in possibly several EA mixed martial arts games because he has signed an exclusive contract with the company and will not appear in any other mixed martial arts video games.

Alongside Couture, EA MMA features a strong character roster at this point. Heavyweight sensation, Fedor Emelianenko will make his video game debut. Also the game will feature heavy hitters like Tim Sylvia, Renato Sobral, Jesse Taylor, Benji Radach and Muhammed Lawal. On top of that EA is still scouting for fighters.

Now for the MMA fans reading this You may realize that the game will feature fighters from various promotions including but not limited to, Dream, Pride FC, UFC, Strikeforce, Affliction and Sengoku. These are the biggest MMA shows from around the world.

EA Sports president, Peter Moore has expressed his interest in expressing the geographic diversity of the sport and from the looks of the character roster thus far he is doing a great job since the featured promotions have held fights in Japan, the US, Brazil and Europe. On top of that Moore is showing interest in allowing both a cage and ring available for play, in order to show the sports diversity.

However the only current UFC fighter thus far is Couture since the UFC will not allow any other fighters to do so because they will scrap that fighters contract if they do so.

At this point in time EA has done well finding talent outside of the UFC and with the addition of Couture EA MMA should be a hit among both casual and hardcore MMA fans.

Now on top of this Moore promises the gameplay will be unique and we can expect to see this gameplay in 2010. Weather or not this means the game will be released in 2010 it will be hard not to give this fighting game a shot after the success of EA’s Fight Night series, which at this point I am expecting to see the controls modelled after.


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