EA to Layoff 1500 and cut games

EA (Electronic Arts) announced today it plans on cutting 1500 jobs from its work force and shrink its product lineup.  It also announced today that it had acquired Playfish a startup company that makes online games focused on social sites such as Facebook.     This cut would shrink EA’s work force by as much as 17% and save the company close to 100 million dollars this year.  It was undisclosed where the layoffs would happen but rumors are that a large percent would be at EA’s Burnaby location in Canada.  (Workers can check our new Video Game Job Board)

In terms of what games would be cut? one can only guess as EA has a lot of games in the line up, what we can say is that it wont be the popular games like SIMS, Rockband, NHL or Battle Field.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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