Drunken Nanny Stabs Kid Over Xbox

No, the nanny didn’t decide to try to off him because she wanted her turn, she just wanted this poor kid to stop playing with his Xbox.  That’s much less insane.  Apparently, Scottish nannies are six flavors of crazy (Swedish nannies are alright though, leggy too).  In her defense she was under the influence of some unnamed alcoholic beverage, and let’s be honest here, what better way to teach a kid to stop beating prostitutes in GTA than a little stab to the abdomen?  There’s nothing important there anywhere?  If my extensive knowledge of human anatomy is correct, the heart is somewhere near the top of the chest, so a little jab is no big deal.

I think video games are to blame.  I mean, come on, this kid spends how many hours mowing down zombies and what not, but games failed to teach him how to adequately defend himself against a drunken, knife-wielding nanny?  Come on developers, this is a serious issue.  By the way, this batshit crazy woman’s punishment was 300 hours of community service.  Had the child (aged 13) died from the attack it would’ve probably been 350 hours, so don’t feel to bad.  The best part about all this is now this kid has an amazing story to tell strangers for the rest of his (probably shortened) life.  Silver lining people.

[Via Gizmodo]

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. It’s incredible that she didn’t get a more severe punishment. Ahh well, no chance of me getting stabbed by my house mates. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the glorious red ring. Merry Christmas.

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