On the Horizon: Drawn to Life 2

Developer 5TH Cell has become notorious for releasing titles that make gamers think up different solutions as they play.  The most recent example of this would have to be Scribblenauts, a puzzle game that required you to write the names of objects so that you could use them in-game to solve the various challenges found in each level.  Well, if you’re finished getting through the quirky and colorful world of Scribblenauts (Although let’s face it: you’re probably not.), you won’t have to wait too much longer to get your hands on 5TH Cell’s next creativity-stimulating game.

The sequel to 2007’s DS hit Drawn to Life, aptly titled Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, is set to hit store shelves this October.  In the original game, players created their hero, weapons, and other items by using the game’s drawing tool and sketching away with their styluses.  Although the mechanics of the game weren’t perfect, gamers found a fun gameplay engine that worked well enough to be enjoyable, intriguing, and exciting to use.  The developers have promised more features and better functionality with The Next Chapter, which is set to be released for the Wii in addition to the DS.

Our pals over at 5TH Cell have also made it quite clear that Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter will be their last foray on the DS.  According to cofounder Jeremiah Slaczka, 5TH Cell will focus primarily on home console games once The Next Chapter is released.  What kind of quirky and creative games will we be seeing on home consoles?  We’ll have to wait until that time comes to find out.  Until then, let’s see what 5TH Cell’s last hurrah on the DS has to offer.

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  1. @Harry: It definitely looks like a good game. If improvements were made to the original, then we’ll have a winner on our hands for sure. Have you played Scribblenauts, BTW? I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it last week.

  2. DTL was really innovative, but the main issue is that the mechanics weren’t too hot. But they have plenty of time to work on it and get it ship-shape for the sequel.

    Also, got DSL today, woot!

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