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Who doesn’t know Dragon Age? With all the hype around it, the game may very well turn out to be.. horrible. That’s what i’d say, if i didn’t know the developer. Bioware, the only game developer who never made a bad game. That’s why i’m so hyped up about this game. And you should be two. Anyway, i’m not here to announce that the character creator has been released – it has(click here to download it).

I’m here to give you my opinion about it. Once the file has been downloaded and the installation – finished, you will be prompted to start the game. Should you do so, you will be launched right into the.. character creator. First, you’ll have to choose your gender. Next – your race. The game offers three playable races – Human, Elf and Dwarf. Next is your class. You can be a Warrior, Mage or a Rogue. Yawn. The most important part is the character background. Depending on your race and class  you can select several different character backgrounds. The one i picked was the Human Noble. The background also defines the way your character looks in the first few seconds of the adventure. Moving on you will be taken to the appearance and voice screen. This is where you will define the way your character looks. The options are limitless. In case you want to jump right into the game, you have a choice of several preset appearances that don’t look bad at all. The customization is broken down into 9 categories: Skin, Hair, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Jaw/Cheeks, Neck/Ears, Portrait and Voice. Practically, everything about your character can be customized.

Next comes the Attributes screen. The game has 6 statistics – Strength, Dexterity, Willpower, Magic, Cunning and Constitution. I don’t have to explain them, do i? Next comes the skill screen. You cannot do anything there, it’s just placed to show you the skills you’ll be starting with. Talents, same as above. The talents will serve as your passive skills, by the way.

When done you will see a glorious overview screen of your character. You can also upload your new born baby to the Bioware Social Network. And.. this is pretty much it. It all looks nice until you realize, that: This isn’t a demo, it’s just a character creator.

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  1. The customizations on it are pretty awesome. Maybe I’ll start taking screenshots and use them as reference pics for my roleplay characters. I have no drawing talent whatsoever these days. XD

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