Dragon Age: Origins Coming to a Mac Near You

Dragon Age: Origins Coming to a Mac Near You

That’s right!  November’s stunning RPG is on its way to Apple’s platform joining the two or three other games available for the Mac.  This is great news, especially for myself (a self proclaimed Apple fanboy) but it isn’t the only other system getting the Dragon Age treatment: Linux is too.  So if you’ve been holding off from buying the game I suggest you give it a try when it releases for the Mac and Linux platforms on December 21st.

For those unfamiliar with the game it’s a fantasy RPG developed by Bioware, the masterminds behind the Mass Effect series, and has all the RPG goods like branching storyline and epic battles we’ve come to expect from a Bioware title.  Apparently, it is also quite excessive in the gore department, which sounds like wholesome fun to me.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com


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