Flash Game Gives Special Unlocks for Dragon Age:Origins

If you’re a fan of Dragon Age: Origins, you should be aware that EA has released a flash game that gives special unlocks in the game. The flash game is called Dragon Age: Journeys and can be found here, at the official website.

The transfer of items into Dragon Age: Origins is quite simple. As players play Dragon Age: Journeys, they can link their EA account to the game. Then, when they accomplish certain goals in-game, it saves it to the EA account. Redemption of items is almost as simple as earning the items. EA has provided a list of instructions here.

The game is quite enjoyable, and has been rated 4.20 out of 5.00 on Kongregate.com, a highly popular free flash game website. The game uses 2D graphics, and the battle system of the game is turned-based. As players level up, there are a wide amount of skills to pick from, which allows for good character customization. Although there are only three classes to play as, because of the wide variety of skills, the gameplay doesn’t feel forced. The available classes are wizard, archer, and warrior.

The unlocks for the game are:

  • Embri’s Many Pockets (To earn, players must save the Grey Warden Martine by completing the mission warden quest.)
  • Helm of the Deep (To earn, players must all five achievements in Dragon Age Journeys: The Deep Roads)
  • Amulet of the War Mage (To earn, players must sign into Dragon Age: Journeys with their EA account)

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