Dragon Age: Journeys announced

Dragon Age: Journeys announced

The release date of Dragon Age: Origins draws ever closer. My hype level is at it’s critical stage. In the meantime, Bioware, already tasting the future success have planned several downloadable content packs. We’re not talking about those, either. But today, Bioware have announced¬†Dragon Age Journeys: The Deep Roads, a browser based adventure. You heard right. The game is in development in collaboration with EA 2D, Bioware and some of the best flash application developers they could find(minimum wage). Not much is known about the game yet but the developers have promised to release more info in the next few days.

Some time ago, CD Projekt Red released the flash based game The Witcher Versus. The game did quite well and, i’m not saying they are, but looks like Bioware want to do the same with Dragon Age. Seems like the teacher could still learn a few tricks from the student.

PS: I’m already tasting the titles: 2009 – the year of the RPG.

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