DOOM Resurrection iPhone Review

DOOM Resurrection iPhone Review


Platform– iPhone
Developer– id Software
Release date– June 26, 2009
Price– $9.99
Average rating– 4/5

DOOM Resurrection is the first original DOOM title for the iPhone, and after a six month development period, expectations were high. Those familiar with the franchise will notice several things about this game immediately. The first being that it looks very similar to DOOM 3; many of the same assets were used. The second being that this isn’t your typical first person shooter. With impressive 3d graphics and an intuitive control scheme, DOOM Resurrection lives up to the series’ 16 year legacy.

One of the most talked about aspects of this game is that instead of a free roaming environment to play through, you travel on a predetermined route through the stages. While this makes for a different experience, it’s not a bad thing. This title retains what I like in a DOOM game: action, crazed aliens, many weapons, and gameplay that makes you want to play to the end. Four difficulty modes will keep players of all experience levels satisfied.

Another innovative feature of DOOM Resurrection is the control scheme. Accelerometer based aiming works surprisingly well, and the simple tap to reload, and switch weapons feels natural. Speaking of weapons, this game has no shortage, featuring rifles, shotguns, and of course the BFG. This introduces an element of strategy; choose the right weapon for a specific enemy, or you may end up overcome by the baddies.


Combat is the core of any DOOM game, and this is no exception. Most of the time you can get by with just shooting away , but with some it requires careful timing. A type of teleporting alien hurls fireballs at you, taking a tap of the dodge/cover button to avoid. Another type is armed with machine guns, making use of the dodge/cover button again.

This game does have decent replayability, allowing you to go back to previous levels and achieve better scores. Even though the basic gameplay doesn’t change through the game, discovering new weapons and the next thing that wants to kill you is always a blast.

DOOM Resurrection is a must have for any fan of the franchise. The only reason not to buy this game immediately is the price tag of $9.99. In my opinion it’s money well spent, but for some that don’t like all the changes this title brings, waiting for a price drop may be a better option. To all of you who are downloading this game now, you won’t be disappointed.

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