Diablo awakens again!

That old serpent, called the Diablo, and Lord of Terror,

Which deciveth the whole world

He was cast out into the Sanctuary

and his angles were cast out with him!

Diablo 3 preview

Diablo was always one of those games that just glued you to the screen till dawn hit your eyes in a very painful way. Well rejoice Diablo fans because the third part of the chapter is about to unleash hell on our computers.

Most longterm fans (including myself) are skeptical if Blizzard will be able to deliver the same feel Diablo 1 and 2 had. Take a glance from some game play you can see on Youtube:


From what can be seen by the video the game play is similar to the classic aerial Diablo perspective that we love so much. Looks as though the game will stay true to it’s predecessors by it’s intensity. There will be hordes of demons to kill, lots of skills and some new classes. Blizzard says that the game (for now) will include classes such as: the barbarian, paladin, sorceress and witch doctor. The witch doctor class caught my eye since I always had a need to say „I’m gona curse ya mon!“ when playing with the necromancer in Diablo 2, so I took a better look at this class. It seems as though it will be a mix of a necromancer and a druid. So I’m just guessing this will involve curses, raising corpses, shooting elemental magic at demons and all the voodoo you would want.

Blizzard also is very proud of it’s new co-op game play. They said the game should be played with 2-5 players for a better more intense experience but that single player will also be very enjoyable. They are also very proud of the new visuals that Diablo 3 will introduce and making the terrain more interactive then before such as pushing a wall to crush your enemies or your enemies swarming you from the walls.

What to expect?

Honestly? I think this game will be, like everything Blizzard touches, gold. It will be one of those games that you look at and say „I could have gone to so many parties if it wasn’t for you.“, but still it will be worth it.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. No, I said that in reference to the Xbox 360’s Achievement system, it was meant for a joke due to the fact that I have actually never touched this game.

  2. Diablo was the best game during my high school days and spent so much time playing this game. Im absolutely sure this game again will be much more again adventurous.

  3. Well i played with a paladin it was great especially if you have obtained good weapons and armors. Its easy to face diablo

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