Demon’s Souls Strategy Guide: The Boletarian Palace

Demon’s Souls is the type of game that mercilessly tears you to shreds your first playthrough than kicks you while you’re down.  It’s also beautiful, original, and incredibly innovative, so generally people either love it or they hate it.  At first I was a member of the former group, but after investing a grand total of 50+ hours spread across three character classes, I have become infatuated with this game.  The best way to describe playing Demon’s Souls is to compare the game to being in a relationship with the person of your dreams, however; said person of your dreams is abusive, and tends to kick your unsuspecting ass from time to time before giving you a kiss and helping you back up.

So I’m here, dear reader, to help you get through this relationship and the abuse it brings with it, so that you can better enjoy this truly amazing game.  Demon’s Souls world is separated into five very different locales each connected by the Nexus (basically the game’s hub and only safe place), so this 5 part strategy series will help you traverse each of the five equally stunning and dangerous worlds you’ll have to explore in order to beat the game.  Before we begin I should probably throw out a quick warning to newcomers to the land of Boletaria: this game’s unforgiving nature might sometime make you feel the urge to violently toss your controller at a nearby wall, but I promise this guide will reduce the number of broken controllers to a minimum.  Also, the following isn’t necessarily a walkthrough, more a collection of words of wisdom, tips, and facts that could quite possibly save you from tossing your PS3 out a window.

Part One: The Boletarian Palace


Unlike the game’s four other areas, this environment contains four bosses (the others contain three) and acts as both the game’s tutorial and introduction that tests your skills as both a gamer and a human.  Most enemies in this area use physical attacks like swords and spears.  You will also come across a handful of soldiers armed with crossbows, but a well-timed roll will keep their bolts from damaging you.  Another prevalent source of hurt in this section is fire, which will be thrown at you in the form of exploding barrels, firebombing soldiers, flame sword wielding anorexic people, and dragons.  The latter of which can instantly kill the weaker amongst us.  As for magic damage, you won’t have to worry about that here.

This area is all about teaching you the skills and experience you’ll need to have for the rest of the game.  It introduces you to instant kill traps like rolling balls of stoney death and predicting the attack patterns of enemies.  As for slaying this area’s countless foes really anything works, but magic is particularly effective, as are ranged attacks (like bows and ranged spells).  Some of the more badass enemies in this part are the Blue and Red Eyed Knights who come armed with powerful weapons and a very good defense.  There is only a single Red Eyed Knight (who wears black armor and comes armed with a spear), but one is all it takes to take you down.  He is powerful and I don’t recommend fighting him until you too, have become a badass.

The location itself can be at times helpful and sometimes an enemy all its own.  One minute you’re fighting in open areas giving you the ability to dodge and run all you please but there is also a good amount of narrow corridors that make large swinging weapons useless.

In the next guide we’ll be taking a look at the mining world of the Stonefang Tunnels, where fire has a much larger roll.  If you’re having trouble and want me to cover a specific aspect of Demon’s Souls, let me know by tossing me an email at iicedesigner at yahoo dot com.  I’d be more than happy to expand on any elements of this fantastic RPG.

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  1. Helpful article! Hurry up and make the next four! Although knowing all this before playing would have been extremely helpful, you made up for it by indirectly calling me a badass! 😛

  2. Nice article. Yeah it’s hard, but it’s fair, usually. Some things are stupid, like the tutorial is awful, and a lot of the game’s mechanics are left unexplained, which is just bad game design. Otherwise, it’s really original and I hope more games try something new, like DS has.

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