Demon’s Souls Strategy Guide: The Shrine of Storms

Demon’s Souls is the type of game that mercilessly tears you to shreds your first playthrough than kicks you while you’re down.  It’s also beautiful, original, and incredibly innovative, so generally people either love it or they hate it.  At first I was a member of the former group, but after investing a grand total of 50+ hours spread across three character classes, I have become infatuated with this game.  The best way to describe playing Demon’s Souls is to compare the game to being in a relationship with the person of your dreams, however; said person of your dreams is abusive, and tends to kick your unsuspecting ass from time to time before giving you a kiss and helping you back up.

So I’m here, dear reader, to help you get through this relationship and the abuse it brings with it, so that you can better enjoy this truly amazing game.  Demon’s Souls world is separated into five very different locales each connected by the Nexus (basically the game’s hub and only safe place), so this 5 part strategy series will help you traverse each of the five equally stunning and dangerous worlds you’ll have to explore in order to beat the game.  Before we begin I should probably throw out a quick warning to newcomers to the land of Boletaria: this game’s unforgiving nature might sometime make you feel the urge to violently toss your controller at a nearby wall, but I promise this guide will reduce the number of broken controllers to a minimum.  Also, the following isn’t necessarily a walkthrough, more a collection of words of wisdom, tips, and facts that could quite possibly save you from tossing your PS3 out a window.

Part Four: The Shrine of Storms


This level is sort of beautiful, in a deranged sort of way (something you could say about the entire game).  This is also one of the toughest areas of the game because you have to worry about your foes on the ground as well as the giant flying manta ray creatures in the sky.  While a Thief’s Ring can take care of the latter, the Skeletons in the latter category should not be underestimated, especially in groups.  The types of damage you’ll need to worry about here are mainly physical but as you progress magic will become more prominent.  You won’t ever have to worry about fire.

If you’re armed with a large weapon you’re in luck as much of this area is really open, but a good shield is a must especially to counter the random spike hurled by the mantas above.  There’s also a good amount of cliff hugging, where you’ll need to worry about Skeletons and Mantas who would like nothing more than to knock you to your death.  The second part of this game (4-2) is much more enclosed and the enemies switch to magic attacks.  This is where the Rune Shield or Dark Silver Shield will come in handy.

This section contains some of the best loot in the game.  There’s the Adjudicator’s Shield in the first section, and 4-2 houses the Hiltless and Makoto swords.  In 4-1 you should notice a large tree at the top of a hill.  In this tree lives a crow that will give you very good items (including colorless demon souls) for sparkly items that you drop on the ground.  Just drop an item and see how she reacts to it to see if it’s worth anything to her.  In 4-2 you can save saint Urbain and when you return to the Nexus he’ll teach you advanced miracles.

Luckily, The Shrine of Storms has some of the easiest and most entertaining boss fights.  The first is the Adjudicator who swings his Meat Cleaver (a weapon you can get using his demon’s soul).  Just focus on that metal shard sticking out of his giant stomach and when he goes down move your focus to his head.  The second boss is blind so as long as you’re quiet you can take him down with a bunch of well aimed arrows.  The third and final boss comes in two parts: first you need to take out the flying manta creatures and when enough of those go down the big guy will start swooping down to finish you off.  Use the Stormruler Blade (found in the bosses arena) to make quick work of it.

If you’re ever in need of souls, this is the perfect place to harvest them.  There’s a Reaper at 4-2 that, with the Ring of Avarice equipped, will net you 5,500 souls.  The best part is that you can take him down without taking any damage, all you need is a bow and a few arrows.  If you’re looking for items and souls I suggest fighting your way through 4-2, which can net you roughly 40-50k souls and a good lot of items.

So that pretty much covers the basics that you’ll need to know when fighting through The Shrine of Storms.  If you need help finding specific items, saving NPCs, or defeating the bosses let me know by dropping me an email at iicedesigner at yahoo dot com and I’ll make a guide for it.  The next area I’ll be covering is the fifth and final section: The Valley of Defilement.

If you’ve been out feeding starving African children you may have missed my guides covering the first three areas of the game including The Boletarian Palace, The Stonefang Tunnels and The Tower of Latria.  I suggest you check them out, it’s definitely worth it especially if you’re having trouble with those sections of the game.  If you’re not stuck I still think you should check them out, I could use the views.

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