Defacto War: Commander in Chief No Longer In Development

As of December 20, 2009 Guevara Studio’s Defacto War: Commander in Chief in no longer being developed.

All players who purchased a plot of land in the game were refunded their money, and then sent the following letter (Please note that this is the letter to me, so it has my name.)

Dear Michael,

First of all I would like to thank you for signing up to Defacto War, it is great to know that you had trust and faith in the game.

However it is with great sadness that I announce the ending of this game property, when I began the company the economic outlook was positive, but with the recession we, as a company have been hit hard. A private backer provided capital from the beginning and now is unable to do so primarily due to the grim economic status that we all face and this has had a knock on affect to Defacto War.

The money that you invested in us shall be returned in full, I feel that I have a moral responsibility to repay you, indeed that money was never going to be misused under my stewardship for I am bound by the trust and faith you placed in me. Indeed repayments have already been actioned.

I would once again like to thank you and wish you a happy Christmas and an eventful new year. For me after the winding down of the company and other legal obligations I will be looking around for a new job or perhaps a new venture.

Thank You.

Lucas Khan

Founder & Executive Producer

Personally, I applaud the refunding of money to their to-be-players. When you purchase a game that is in development, you have no guarantee of your money back if it goes under, and a lot of developers do not return money.

Although I am saddened by the shutting down of the development of Defacto, I cannot say that I did not see it coming. The first clue players should have taken that something was wrong was that they had not updated their website news for over a year. When I first purchased the game, I received no email, which led me to believe the game was either a scam, or they had already stop development and left their link up. In turn, I filed a PayPal dispute.

In the dispute, I received a letter from David Brooks, the Senior Accounts Manager for Defacto, in which he stated that I would receive a download on “12/20/09”. The email I received from him was on 11/16/09. I highly doubt that they were not aware of any financial troubles during the answering of my letter, and that is where my problem is with how they handled their situation.

One of the most important things developers should do is be honest with their players, especially ones that already smell something fishy.  It is bad reputation for the company if a situation like this happens. Additionally, if you give notice to your community, they may even try to help you out. If you’d like to take a look at the Defacto War website before it expires, you can find it here.

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  1. Sad to see this go – looked quirky though very sparse on detail. Nice idea though, parcelling up the US and selling it to online gamers 😉 MMORTS developers have many issues and problems to face, many unique to the genre. Yet to see a complete solution but progress is being made in my opinion.

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