Debut Trailer for Dead Strike

I love survival horror games and I love my iPod Touch, so when those two worlds happen to collide I tend to get a little excited.  Dead Strike seems to be the iPhone’s answer to the Silent Series, or would be if there wasn’t already a Silent Hill game for the platform.  It has screaming sirens, prevalent fog and corpses aplenty.  The game looks like an iPhone game but actually excels with its lighting, a very important element in survival horror games, and the story looks to have been ripped from Silent Hill’s book as well (though hopefully less convoluted).  The game also boasts a reasonably sized arsenal of weapons (nine in total) and drunken enemies that look to have been once human (just add blood and a drunken gait).  I do have one question: why are the people, who I’m assuming were recently human, nine feet tall?  Perhaps the strange height difference is simply an illusion that can be blamed on the height of the female character you can control, but when they get up close to her they just look too big.  Anyways, I’ll let you decide for yourself whether this game looks good or not and maybe you can figure out why the enemies look freakishly tall.

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