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Studio game developer Visceral Games, formerly known as EA Redwood Shores, has given many Wii owners a reason to start dusting off their consoles.

Visceral settled into their niche in 2008. While still operating as EA Redwood Shores, the company launched players into a horrifying, third-person perspective about how vulnerable space miners can be with the release of Dead Space (PC/PS3/360). Not long after, Visceral followed up with the announcement of the Nintendo Wii exclusive prequel to this now horror series, Dead Space Extraction.

Dead Space Extraction surprisingly maintains many of the elements that made the original Dead Space one of 2008’s best games, which is far more surprising when considering it will only be played on a Wii. Nonetheless, Visceral Games, along with Eurocom, has gotten behind their creation and has proven that developers can appeal to hardcore gamers using the Wii.

It is currently known that some parts of Dead Space Extraction are played as a man named Nate, and others as a female scientist who suffers from dementia. You travel through dark corridors, with plenty of fright, in an eerie setting typical of the original Dead Space. You’ll experience the same quality of audio to heighten your senses and graphics unheard of for a Wii game. This time, however, you will move across what is probably the most polished on-rail mechanism ever implemented, and you’ll do it from a first-person perspective. The on-rail mechanism allows you to branch out to investigate things like doors and suspicious objects. By doing so you may uncover additional secrets to the story or have other strange encounters. When picking up items such as weapons, ammo and health packs, the hindrance of limited movement is avoided by being able to simply point and grab items you see in the room. Additionally, many of the same weapons and tactics reappear from the original, including the use of strategic dismemberment to weaken and kill enemies.

Another step in creating Dead Space Extraction was the use of motion capturing to make character movement appear natural and smooth, typically when in dialogue. A great attention to detail has been given during development in order to preserve the horror element of the game. Although for many fans of this genre the Wii may not be the console of choice, you can put to rest any concerns of Dead Space Extraction being another attempt for a developer to make money off of a cheap spin-off of a major title. Dead Space Extraction will release on September 28, 2009.


Let us know what you think of the decision to develop a Wii exclusive prequel to the major title Dead Spac, which was never playable on the Wii.

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  1. It doesn’t look like just “another cute rail shooter” for the Wii. What other rail shooter has graphics and audio like that? What rail shooter has a decent story?

  2. I think you misunderstood me, I wasn’t making fun of the wii, I was making fun of the rail shooter genre. Case-in-point, it needs to die. I’ll concede that this game probably will become the best rail shooter ever, but it’s important to keep in mind, that title doesn’t mean much nowadays.

  3. I agree. While I love Dead Space and can’t wait to try this out, rail shooters (for the most part) can’t offer much in terms of story, gameplay and length. Yet I need to play this because Dead Space was awesome and I want to follow the series.

  4. The branching mechanism is suppose to help the story line some. Investigating different areas is suppose to give the player more insight about what’s going on. Extraction seems to have been given its own flavor, hopefully players won’t need to compare anything but the story to the original. The game’s success should determine if Visceral continues to make titles on the Wii. Considering that many players were able to overlook the flaws of Dead Space because it was Redwood’s first major title on a next generation console, they should have a similiar mindset when playing Extraction on the Wii.

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