Dante’s Inferno facing Nanny Associations Wraith.

It seems offending various entities with severed limb cakes, staged religious protests and promises of a night of debauchery with loose women wasn’t quite enough for EA’s literary-inspired gore fest Dante’s Inferno. The recent revelation of the “Bad Nanny” achievment, where protaganist Dante is rewarded for slaying unbaptized babies, has raised the ire of the International Nanny Association. The INA, in its filed complaint to EA, stated that “It is our opinion that this type of play may promote violence towards children.”

The INA also expressed its concern with not only the task set before potential gamers, but the name of the award itself. “The name of the trophy or achievement, “Bad Nanny,” is offensive to our association in that we strive to promote and educate the public regarding the selfless work nannies do to support families by providing quality in-home child care.”

The fact that the babies have knives for arms and are attempting to ravage the innocent Dante doesn’t seem to matter to the INA. Neither EA nor the Dante’s development team, headed by Johnathan Knight, have commented on this latest round of scandal. Dante’s Inferno is slated to release on Feb 9th 2010.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. “There has never been a recorded case of where violence was encouraged in the mind of a mentally-sound person by a videogame.” – Me

    They should add in an achievement that lets you kill people who don’t baptize children just to stick it to them. This is fricken Dante’s Inferno, it’s about Hell for Christ’s sa- *plummets down to Hell for blashpemy*

  2. Exactly. People don’t get the whole correlation/causation thing. Yeah, violent psychopaths like violent video games. It’s because they are violent psychos and they would have been with or without games. Every single time i hear that argument i want to stab someone! Oh wait. . .

  3. I’m frigging tired of people accusing video games of violence. Video games have been around for a long time and they’ve proven that they’re just as serious as the other “digital arts”. So why do people keep thinking of them as stuff for kids?

  4. I feel bad for EA with all the complaints that have been made towards this game. Do these people have anything better to do than look for something to whine about?! It’s freaking DANTE’S INFERNO!! The dude is traveling through the seven levels of hell so I’m guessing there’s going to be some disturbing images down there. And about the achievement title, of course a “bad nanny” would be one who kills babies. I don’t the INA named themselves the International Bad Nanny Association. If they are good nannies and take care of babies I don’t know why they would take offense to this. All in all, it’s a joke to make some gamers chuckle and not meant to be taken seriously. Good job EA for not replying to their bogus complaint. And I apologize to everyone on this site for ranting just now 😉

  5. I am against this game and any game that has this kind of violence in it. I do believe it’s a detriment and that it is harmful. There’s nothing funny about this, and I don’t blame the association one bit for complaining.

  6. What is “this kind” of violence? This games is based off a literary classic, and unbaptized babies are in it, as are most of the enemies and creatures in the game. This is also a game that will never, ever be confused with reality. The violence in a game like Uncharted 2 is frighteningly realistic, where this is total myth and fantasy, so why is this violence worse?

    If this game, and the “Bad Nanny” idea, were a total fabrication or had any sort of realism behind it, I’d be with you. However, this is a game that is following (loosely) a script and has reason for featuring the babies. I’m having a hard time understanding how protesting the game is anything but a kneejerk reaction by people that have never read the source material.

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