Dante’s Inferno Unleashing Hell at Comic Stands

There are a myriad of video games based on comic books.  To a lesser extent, there are also a bunch of comic book adaptations of several video game franchises.  EA recently announced the latest in the game-turned-comic trend: Dante’s Inferno.  The six-part miniseries is being published by DC’s Wildstorm Productions, and the first issue is set to appear on store shelves very soon.

Part one will set the mood for the rest of the comic series as well as the game by telling the tale of Dante’s crusading exploits and providing a background story.  This looks to be a great purchase for gamers eagerly awaiting the game’s February 2010 release as well as comic book aficionados who are into this sort of content.  (Spawn fans come to mind.)

Issue No. 1 of Dante’s Inferno has just shipped, so expect to see it at your local comic shop soon.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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