Crytek UK working on their first project

Crytek UK working on their first project

Crytek UK have announced that they are working on a new shooter experience. One that they hope will become a “defining game series”. The game will most likely be a first person shooter and take advantage of one of the world’s most powerful and beautiful game engines; the Cry Engine.

Crytek UK is a studio formed by the remains of Free Radical, after it was purchased by Crytek. While Crytek UK are preparing for their first project, the mother company, Crytek are hard at work on Crysis 2.

According to Karl Hilton, studio manager, the new game will focus both on a strong singleplayer campaign and a great multiplayer experience.

“We have a strong history of creativity here, and we want to take that forward with Crytek and the CryENGINE 3.”

Good luck, Crytek UK.

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