The Console Wars And The Fan Boys

“Companies start if, their consumers fight it.”

It’s no secret that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo aren’t exactly the best of friends, they want to be better than each other, they want to make money and they want to make sure their consumers don’t explore what their rivals have to offer, we all know that.

Green, the colour of success.
Green, the colour of success.

For years these three companies have been in a battle for the best, but quietly. By “quietly” I mean that you won’t see Sony posting on their website “We’re much better than Microsoft,” or Microsoft posting “Nintendo’s for chumps,” do you? The reason being is because these companies show off who’s better through their products, and not through pointless, pitiless taunting.

Now, people buy consoles because they like what it has to offer, some may even get attached to the console, and favour it among what other consoles have to offer. Soon after, the purchaser may find him/her self liking the company that has “invented” (if you will) the console, the purchaser may even go on to share their love for the company, but they bare in mind that there are others out there that possibly favour another company. Any one who does this considered a “sensible” person in my eyes.

Don't worry Microsoft, I'll never let you go.
Don't worry Microsoft, I'll never let you go.

Anyone who does the following above, but then takes it a step too far by making fun out of anyone who doesn’t own or favour the console/company and then starts to preach to forums across the Internet, is considered a fan boy.

Fan boys, as we are all aware of, will defend their favoured console/company by any means nessacery. For example, if someone was to give valid points about why the Xbox 360 is better than the PS3, any normal fan of the PS3 will try to come back with valid points of their own, while a fan boy will most probably type in capitals saying something a little like: “OMG, THE PS3 IS LYK SO MUCH BETTER, JST W8 TILL NEXT YEAR, SONY WILL FIX IT ALL” it’s more than obvious that the fan has put no thought into what he/she is saying.

So, why do fan boys write like this, you may ask? Well, most of the time it’s so that the obsessed fan feels like that they have made the right purchase, that they don’t feel like they are missing out on something better.

So, we know that the companies are the ones fighting the actual “war”, but I’ve been thinking about something, all of these fan boys preaching on forums, aren’t they fighting it in a way as well? I know that the term “console wars is used to refer to periods of intense competition for market share between video game console manufacturers. The winners of these “wars” may be debated based on different standards: market penetration and financial success, or the fierce loyalty and numbers of the fans of the system’s games.”

Flame Wars..
Flame Wars..

With this being said, fans also have a part in the console wars, but how big of a part is it, is it a bigger part (in a way)?

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are that fan boys are like “minions” to the companies, the “minions” try and spread the word about how much better a console is from another, and if someone disagrees with a fan boy preaching, you will soon see the inner 7 year old.

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  1. I really only get the console that I can A: Afford. and B: actually want.

    Reason I don’t have a PS3 just now is simply because I don’t want one, and I’ve lost interest in the Wii. I’m playing PC games just now and I pulled out my old Genesis so I could play Phantasy Star 4 again.

  2. WWII, the number of developers working for Sony , decreases every day. PS3 is hard to work with, why do you think so much games are released for PC and Xbox first, and are later pointed to Sony. Because developers know how hard porting to PS3 is. A few examples – Valve’s Orange Box, Bethesda’s Oblivion.. PS3 isn’t exactly perfect.. not even close. Why do you think the next Metal Gear Solid is going to be Xbox360 exclusive?

  3. joar is absolutely, and WWII, just because something is “free”, doesn’t mean that it’s better…

    You’re exactly the kind of person I’m talking about in my article.

  4. The thing you always want to be perfect is good console. Many players spent there money on a good console to be able to play their favorite games.

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