Europe Getting Collector’s Edition of Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Amazon’s UK website shows a collector’s edition in its listings for Star Ocean: The Last Hope. The game, arriving in Europe on the fifth of June, was released already in Japan and North America but without the added goodies. The premium edition of the game will cost £54.99 instead of the regular editition’s price tag of £34.99. So what is it that deserves this £20 price premium? Amazon lists a soundtrack, five character cards, a 32 page mini-guide by BradyGames, and the usual alternate box. The soundtrack will not be the official Star Ocean: The Last Hope soundtrack but will instead be a compilation of various songs from throughout the franchise, much like the soundtrack included with the Tales of Vesperia special edition in North America.

Role Playing fans in Europe are definitely in for a treat this June with both Star Ocean and Tales of Vesperia hitting in the same month!

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