Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3 Strategy “Der Riese”

The first look at Der Riese is intimidating.  Housing teleport stations, the Pack-a-Punch machine, and more zombies then ever; this is a huge, confusing map.  Without any ranking system for Nazi Zombies it is impossible to filter matchups based on the level of experience a player has with the game.  This can leave experienced players frustrated and held back, and new players lost and overwhelmed by the game’s pace.  However, if you’re one of the surely to be millions of Call of Duty: World at War fans who downloaded Map Pack 3, and you love Nazi Zombies, then use this strategy guide as a simple foundation that any player can follow, regardless of skill level.


Step 1: Secure the courtyard
When you first spawn in Der Riese you and your teammates are in a courtyard, on top of a platform, standing in front of the Pack-a-Punch machine and mainframe teleport.  Get off of the platform and keep an eye on all of the windows.  Windows are located at the bottom of the stairway on the opposite side of the courtyard, in the alley on the left side of the platform, and on each side of the front wall that the platform faces.  As usual these strategies work best with four people, but improvise if you have to.  Remain in the main courtyard until the end of round four.


Step 2: Move through the south wing
At this time, open the door to the right of the platform and allow a teammate to open the door that follows.  Opening these doors will cost 750 points each, but you need to be on the move quickly.  After the second door is open then run to the back room, rounding the corner to where you will find another staircase.  You or a teammate, usually whoever has the most points, need to clear the staircase, which will cost 1,000 points.  When the staircase has been cleared, run straight up to the platform at the top of the stairs.  You will see a raised bridge, which will be lowered as soon as you switch on the power.  Drop down to the courtyard below the opposite side of the platform from where you came up.


Step 3: Secure the courtyard….again
After you’re back on ground level below the platform, you’ll find a fenced in area in which is a large generator.  On the near side of the generator is the mystery box, and the power switch is on the opposite side.  Allow one person to go to the box, while another switches on the power.  If you’re not doing either then cover your teammates who are.  Once everyone has had a go with the mystery box, remain in the courtyard until the end of the first round with hellhounds, usually round six.


Step 4: Take position
If you survived the hellhounds, open the door on the western wall of the courtyard.  Continue through the rooms until you get to the one with a teleport station.  You will notice the bowie knife on the wall just outside of this room, but don’t worry if you don’t have enough points to buy it yet, you’re about to get plenty.  Once in the room, if you turn around and face the wall opposite the teleport then you will see a balcony with a staircase going up the right side.  That’s where you and your teammates need to be.  On the balcony, your team needs to decide who will guard the back window and who will guard the staircase.  If you’re playing with four players then try having two guard the staircase, one guard the back window, and one stay around the fenced area opposite the staircase; this person can provide support to the zombies coming up the staircase if needed and also shoot from the windows overlooking the courtyard below.


As mentioned above, those four steps are a good foundation for success in Der Riese.  However, they don’t guarantee you and your team will survive into the later rounds.  The remainder of this guide will be helpful for that.

During the first round that your team takes their positions on the balcony, which is usually round seven, try to leave one partial zombie, or “crawler”, alive as the end of the round nears.  This isn’t always easy to determine, but is normally easier when whoever is guarding the back window throws out grenades or a monkey bomb to wound a zombie, hopefully resulting in a crawler, and then leaves them to crawl around in the courtyard while their teammates finish off the remainder of the zombies in that round.  When you have managed this successfully, have one teammate run to the mainframe teleport located in the courtyard you originally spawned into.  Everyone else seek out the other four teleport stations and activate them.  The person at the mainframe should be able to bring them online right away.

Once all four teleport stations have been activated, the Pack-a-Punch machine will now be available.  Just like the bowie knife, if you don’t have enough points to upgrade your weapons yet then don’t worry.  Rather than buying perks or upgrades right now, it’s important that your team focuses on obtaining an arsenal consisting of Monkey Bombs, Ray Guns, Wunderwaffe DG-2s and whatever high-powered machine guns the mystery box gives them.  After everyone has used their points as needed, return to the balcony and kill the crawler to advance into the next round.

This process may have to be repeated frequently throughout the course of your survival as the mystery box will move locations every time a teddy bear appears, and Der Riese is much too big for everyone to safely get weapons and ammo between rounds.  If you are satisfied with your weapons then start saving your points for upgrades.  Each gun has a deadly upgrade combination, so this should now be a top priority.  After you’ve upgraded at least one weapon in the Pack-a-Punch machine, you should be able to collect points at a rapid rate.  Use your points to purchase perks, starting with Juggernaut or Quick Revive.

If any team member ever finds themselves out of position, or in need of a revival, whoever is equipped with Monkey Bombs should throw one away from the vulnerable player.  The Monkey Bomb will attract zombies, allowing time to revive or get back to the balcony.  Beware though, as the Monkey Bombs are ineffective against hellhounds.  Since there is no true end to the Nazi Zombies game any strategy will obviously fail eventually, but by following this guide you’ll likely be surviving at least twenty rounds, depending on your skill and the skill of your teammates.

Feel free to share your high scores and alternative strategies through our comments feature.

Elevate Your Senses: The Der Riese “Fly Trap”
If you’re one who enjoys earning as many gaming achievements or trophies as possible then you’ve probably noticed that Der Riese offers yet another mystery.  Titled Elevate Your Senses, the requirements for this achievement or trophy are not explained by Treyarch.  The truth is that this can be obtained by activating the so called “Fly Trap” in Der Riese.  The trap doesn’t appear to do anything itself except earn you another trophy or achievement.

To activate the fly trap you must have an upgraded weapon with medium to long range.  An upgraded PTRS works best, and you should only attempt this when you’ve left a crawler at the end of a round, which was explained earlier in this guide.  From the main courtyard that you originally spawn in, open the door that is to the left of the platform, otherwise on the north wall at the top of the small staircase next to the alley.  Enter the room and head towards the window located to the right of the doorway on the east wall.  Looking through the window you will see a grassy area outside.  Against the opposing exterior wall, you should see a strange looking object.  Use your upgraded weapon to aim and fire at the object.  If you hit it, you will see it fly around and then you will have earned your achievement or trophy.

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