Civilization Revolution arrives for the iPhone/Touch

Just when you thought you had finished playing Sid Mier’s Civilization or its 2008 iteration, Civ Revolution, at home, you can now take it with you. Sid Mier, 2K Games and Firaxis Games released Civilization Revolution this week for iPod Touch / iPhone gamers.

This game will cement the iPod’s growing status as a gaming device on the go.

“We choose platforms based on where we feel consumers will have the best gameplay experience, and the iPhone allows us to introduce this gameplay to mobile consumers – new and old,” says Meier.

Just like the console version, there are 16 playable civilizations and multiple difficulty levels. But for the mobile version, there is a gesture-based interface.

And when people thought swinging the iPhone/Touch around like Chuck Norris or a lightsaber was strange enough, now they can wonder what users are doing now, with sounds of clanging swords or victory cheers in the background.

This game is available for purchase through Apple’s App Store for an introductary price $4.99, allowing for 48 hours worth of playtime. Later on, it will cost the same like any other application at $9.99.

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  1. “This game is available for purchase through Apple’s App Store for $4.99, allowing for 48 hours worth of playtime and $9.99 thereafter.”

    Wait, so the game has a time limit, and then you have to pay $9.99 to “unlock” it?

    I’m confused.

  2. Phht, I’ll be avoiding this for two reasons.

    1: I’m not a Civilization fan in the least.

    2: I’m not keen on the idea of paying $5 for a 48-hour demo and having to shell out another $10 to keep playing.

    I never did get into Civilization at all. Turn-based strategy simply doesn’t work well when you’re managing city building and such on the side.

  3. hmm cool, im a civilization fan haha, TBC or turn based combat is kinda.. strange, but after a while you get used to it. Civ is a great game if your a gamer and a history buff, which is me!

  4. I’ve reworded the phrase so hopefully it is less confusing.

    Justifying the cost on a continuous basis was a decision made by one or all of the three companies. I have no problems paying it in order to maintain a network connection with other players, but when there isn’t a multiplayer mode, some people will pay the fee and others will not.

    There is a free lite version where there is unrestricted play, but you can only play the easiest difficulty levels.

  5. That is so stupid how the game has a time frame. Honestly, if I am buying a game, I do not want it just for forty-eight hours; I want it until my iPhone is dead! That is just a rip off. Who on earth came up with that stupid plan. I know they need to make money, but they should come up with better marketing ideas.

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