Chinatown Wars Graphics Updated for PSP

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will make its PSP release later this month, and the folks over at Rockstar Games have decided to release a number of screens featuring in-game graphics.  Originally released for the Nintendo DS, Chinatown Wars on the PSP will feature smoother graphics as compared to its DS counterpart.  The graphical upgrade isn’t going to be anything too revolutionary, but it is a noticeable change.  Everything looks a bit clearer and crisper, and the highly pixilated look of the DS version has been cleaned up.  A big fuss is already being made about the game’s clear cel-shaded look, and members of the gaming community are praising the technical improvements.

Chinatown Wars on the DS
Chinatown Wars on the DS.

While changes have been made to the game’s visuals, the isometric camera view from the DS version will remain intact.  Despite having exclusive music tracks, updated graphics, and extra story missions, this is not what one would call an enhanced remake of Chinatown Wars for the DS, it’s a port.  So, things will remain largely unchanged for the most part.

Chinatown Wars on the PSP
Chinatown Wars on the PSP.

PSP owners and anti-Nintendo gamers who never played the game on the DS may want to get their hands on this gem.  Despite not selling extremely well, the title was praised by reviewers and is one of the highest-rated DS games.  The game’s mission structure, new features, and story were all considered to be of the utmost quality for a GTA game.  The previous release date of October 20 still stands, and the game will be available in disc form and via digital download.

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