China may ban World of Warcraft

A one million strong base of Chinese WoW players would soon have to find some another game as China is planning to ban World of Warcraft. Gross violations of Chinese laws have resulted in China taking a stern action and it has revoked the permit from Blizzard’s localization publisher- NetEase. So, sadly Chinese players of this immensely popular MMORPG might never be able to log on again.

A lot of gold farming companies are flourishing in Asian countries like China where professional players are hired to play WoW, earn lots of gold and sell it online. Blizzard may be trying hard to crack down on gold farming but China undoubtedly happens to be a vast market for this game.

Chinese General Administration of Press & Publication had initially granted NetEase the rights to license World of Warcraft on the condition that it did not allow registration of new accounts and did not charge existing players.

NetEase allegedly broke the agreement, and Chinese government is livid about it and sadly it’s the WoW players in China who will be suffering.


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  1. I thought they already banned it. Oh well, guess the chinese will just have to play some other MMO. It’s no big deal. Except for Blizzard..

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