Arkham Asylum Cheap In Canada

Batman na, na, nanana, Batman. Batman! Batman! Batman!

I am a Batman fan, Batman The Dark Knight was the best comic book movie ever and Batman Arkham Asylum is quite possibly the best licenced comic book game out their. Oh did I mention I’m Canadian Eh!

Anyways this game is a solid action adventurer game with lots of collectibles, challenges, and a dark but intriguing story. To Top it off I only payed $42 with taxes on the week of of it’s release.
batmanNow as a Canadian gamer I am use to paying 68-80 dollars per console game. Especially if they are licenced.

As soon as I got home to my batcave I had to check prices of the game over the net and it was official, Arkham Asylum was only $38 plus tax on Wal-Mart’s canadian website. As a matter of Fact the highest I have seen retailers sell this Batman game for was $59.

Please note these prices were just from Canadian Websites.
batman-1I purchased Batman Arkham Asylum for my PS3, from Wal-Mart and due to that fact you get free exclusive content.

So if you want some bang for your buck buy Batman Arkham Asylum because even if you don’t like it you will probably have enough cash for another game.

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