Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beginners guide

Ok, so you’ve gotten the game, and ready to take a crack at online play… Here are some first 10 rank tips that I think will help players that are just starting out and I will be releasing more as I level up and get different items unlocked.

Here are some beginner steps to remember:

The first TEN levels you climb through you have to use the preset classes! These classes use good weapons and perks, kind of a way to have a sneak peak at some of the new equipment and weapons that are completely new to the series like the Semtex timed grenades that stick to everything. If you can get good with the preset class weapons you’ll be great with them when you unlock them for the custom classes.

Keep on the move, you will be able to camp easier once you can customize your classes. Using the sniper class is easy to camp with on larger maps, smaller maps like Skid Row, Scrapyard, and Terminal are chock full of hidy holes. Camping as a sniper is to be expected, so don’t let someone ruin your fun if you like to hide and strike from the shadows.

ALL LEVELS PLAY TOGHETHER! You will start off playing with levels all over the board but most players are level 30-55 and might have gone prestige once or twice already. Don’t let this discourage you either,¬† just because someone is at level 50 doesn’t mean they earned the right to be there. Boosters are all over the game and you can find rooms with boosters. My opinion on boosters is to ruin their fun. Take them out and thrash them while they try and get headshots or whatever they are using it for. ūüėÄ Make the cheaters pay, if you can.

Never think that just because your not doing good that you won’t improve, because it will take some time to learn which guns feel good to you, which guns feel as if they’re made for you to use. The weapons and equipment you can use are unique and you have to learn how to use them effectively. The attachments are also all useful and have a purpose.

Everything you do works towards unlocking something else. Everything you do in the game online unlocks something else, whether it’s a new skin for a gun, a new attachment or a new Pro Perk unlock. Using perks will allow a Pro version being unlocked that you can use that has added benefits like Marathon Pro making mantling quicker.

Most challenges that are have up to 5 levels of each for each weapon, attachment, perk, piece of equipment and unlockable item. Don’t worry about getting the challenges completed right now, you’ll get them eventually the better you get with the weapons.

Players online will notice that you now have the ability to customize your killstreak rewards, and this is another feature you use points to unlock items for.

The first classes available to you are unique and you can use each to make your way to level 10 and the custom classes.

Frag Grenades
Stun Grenades x 2
Scavenger Perk
Stopping Power Perk
Commando Perk
Copycat Deathstreak

PROS: The 3-round burst is best for beginning players in MW2 because you have decreased chances of missing and wasting ammo, plus the iron sights are accurate enough on their own. The SPAS 12 is a decent shotgun and it’s silenced. The silenced shotgun might not sound important but when you can sneak up on a group of players it comes in handy. Something else to keep in mind is that the shotgun is powerful, and you can get off quite a f ew shots with it in seconds.

Grenades: You get the Frag Grenades with this class and they’re useful if¬† you can get them to land near an enemy while they are still close. Cooking grenades for a few seconds (You have about 3 seconds before detonation) then chucking them in a corner where your enemies are is a good idea. The stun grenades work similar to the flash, but they make movement slower and awkward for a few seconds. If you get hit by a stun, chuck a frag to get the person you were stunned by to back off a bit and backpedal like crazy.

Perks: The scavenger perk is great when you need ammo after killing someone, it enables you to get full ammo off any dead body. The validity of Stopping power is a bit under fire this time around, some say it’s like before, others say it’s useless perk, but since you can’t switch it for now, your stuck with it. Commando gives you a bit more reach on your melee attacks but not much, about an extra half foot or so.

CONS: This weapon set is a decently rounded out, but some people might not like the three round burst limit on the FAMAS, and the shotgun might seem strange to people at first and not use it. I used it and the range is the only thing affected by the silencer, not damage, and you have Stopping Power to rely on.

First ReconUMP45
.44 Magnum
Flash Grenade x 2
Marathon Perk
Lightweight Perk
Steady Aim Perk
Copycat Deathstreak

PROS: The UMP 45 is one of the better SMG’s in the game, and the firing rate while high gets the job of killing the poor fool your fighting that much quicker. The Magnum .44 while it has it’s issues there are some good things about it. It’s a quick draw weapon that you can fire rather quickly and the mobility is high, like most of the handguns. The damage is high, the same as the Desert Eagle. While using the .44 keep in mind that the revolver only holds 6 rounds that you’ll have to reload in a safe spot.

Grenades: Semtex is my favorite in this game although a bit hard to use. You can throw it and have it stick to people or objects, then the timer counts down, useful for setting up decent traps and ambushes with this weapon. The flash grenades are useful for when your behind cover and know that someone is either coming for you or is trying to penetrate the cover your behind. BE CAREFUL NOT TO FLASH YOURSELF!

Perks: You will be able to run like mad with these perks, just remember to keep from clipping objects while sprinting to keep on going. Steady Aim is useful when trying to make a kill without being slowed down by aiming down the sights.

CONS: Both the UMP 45 and Magnum .44 are odd choices for recon work seeing that they are both close range weapons… I would figure Recon would want longer range silenced weapons. The perks are good at helping you get in close and firing like mad at someone, but¬†long range for your first time out seems to be a better choice.

L86 LSw
Flash Grenades x 2
Bling Perk
Stopping Power Perk
Steady Aim Perk
Painkiller Perk

PROS: This kit is your basic support fire kit, and when you get to making custom kits, this is a great starter one to use. The gun has two attachments this time, a fore grip and a red dot sight. The red dot and fore grip will allow you to rack up kills while the AT4 will allow you to try and take down some of the helicopters and Harriers that get called in constantly. The flash and Semtex are great as stated before, and you can lay out some nice booby traps with them.

Perks: The three perks actually work together quite well and they complement each other. The Bling Perk allows two attachments to one gun, and the stopping power makes up for missing mobility perk that most people would have if they were in a custom class slot. The steady aim perk actually works to make a tighter firing group with out having to aim down the sights this time around.

CONS: No extra mobility perks are used to make the class easier to maneuver, because you can only sprint a few feet then your back to normal run speed because of the weight of your guns in this class. The LMG while still being equipped with accuracy enhancing Perks and Equipment, is still a bit too unwieldy for some while the RPD would have been a better choice for a default class.

Scout Sniper800px-M107_1
Barrett .50 Cal
USP .45
Tactical Insertion
Smoke Grenade
Sleight of Hand Perk
Coldblooded Perk
Scrambler Perk
Copycat Deathstreak

PROS: This is a sniper kit that knows what it’s designed to do. This kit gives you the Barrett .50 cal and the perks all work together to make it a nearly god like kit. The .50 cal uses the normal scope, and equips one of the cooler attachments in the game: The Heart Beat Sensor. The HBS allows a nearly identical to Aliens sensor give you the general idea of where an enemy is, and the FMJ bullets allow you to penetrate deeper into cover to make that kill. The FMJ bullets replace the Deeper Penetration Perk, and is now an attachment. The tactical insertion flare allows you do decide where your going to spawn after you die, and the smoke grenades are great at getting you cover for a moment or as a distraction tool. What I personally do when using smoke is to chuck it in a sneaky way on the opposite side that I am going to travel on. I will mix this tactic up sometimes to create confusion for players whom might be studying my movements for a kill, but generally this is a tactic that is well used online.

Perks: The Bling Perk is used again here, as stated above the gun has the HBS and FMJ bullets. Cold Blooded makes you nearly invisible to all and any electronic, airborne, and UAV types of identification. The Scrambler Perk is a bit of a contested one. It makes the area surrounding you snowy on the radar of your enemies. If they have the HBS equiped it negates this Perk, and good players will know within what radius of them the person using the Scrambler perk is from them. I personally am using it to get the challanges associated with it, and once I’m done I probably won’t be using it anymore.

CONS: This kit is also another one that might be a bit overpowered for the beginner to use effectively. The Heart Beat Sensor isn’t explained fully by the game or manual, so it might not be evident to anyone who hasn’t seen Aliens on what this attachment is supposed to do. Also, the FMJ bullets could have been switched out for one of the other scopes or even the silencer. There isn’t that many complaints about this one, it’s just a bit strange to be given all the neat tech in this kit when it’s not explained by tutorials or in game.


Riot ControlShield
Riot Shield
Blast Shield
Stun Grenade x 2
Marathon Perk
Hardline Perk
Commando Perk
Painkiller Deathstreak

PROS: This kit introduces gamers to the newest and most unique features of COD:MW2, the riot shield. While I didn’t see the point in this as a weapon at first, after using it for a bit I do understand the beauty of it. The riot shield blocks most if not all of the player if crouched from incoming bullets and if pointed correctly will reflect said bullets back at the attacker, killing them if within a short range. Its’ a bit frightening to see bullets flying towards you but when the shield just has a crack or two in it and you’ve reflected the bullets, you will then understand the beauty of it. The secondary weapon is the PP2000 Akimbo, which means that you have two, which are fired independently from each other with the left and right triggers. A good strategy with this Class is to do this: Get into an easily defensible position, and equip the Akimbo PP2000’s and wait in the shadows, then unleash one then the other into someone or pull both triggers three times at the same time : PULL>>>PULL>>>PULL. That should give you more than enough ammo to kill someone and have a good half clip or more left. Timing three to four shots per gun is a good idea seeing that the PP2000’s clip only hold 20 rounds per gun. That’s a total of 40 round in both guns with the Akimbo attachment. The rest of the ammo will be eaten by your guns rather quickly also, so be careful not to expend all your ammo in the first encounter or two with the enemy. The riot shield while on your back protects you from fire!

Perks: The only Perk not covered before is the Hardline Perk. It allows you to get killstreak rewards one kill sooner. It’s a great perk to use if you can either use the Riot shield or the Akimbo weapons effectively because you will be able to call down air strikes and rewards with ease.

CONS: The Riot Shield is one of the more unconventional weapons in the game and although indestructible as far as I’ve seen, it gets scary taking on hordes of bullets and explosions; because your expecting the next one to be the one to take you out. The RS, while neat, does have some flaws: You cannot go prone with it equipped and you are not able to have two different guns. The PP2000 is a good gun if you like rapid fire guns, but if your wanting to use the Riot Shield keep in mind it’s flaws and limitations.

This guide covers the first ten levels of online ranked play, so keep checking back for more guides, starting with ten through twenty soon!

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  2. To be honest, I’ve been craving a game FPS or third person that covers those wars in depth and accurately, unlike some of the Vietnam or Korean games that have been out. I know that one of the newer ones for the current gen had you going back to Korea or ‘Nam and fighting monsters but you weren’t sure it was real or a real bad hallucination… Talk about insensitive to war vets whom deserve our respect and honor for all they did and do on a daily basis for us and the world. I’m not a nut for the military but I recognize that they have a job to do, dirty or not, to help us and others.

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