Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2’s Arsenal

Below is a list of confirmed weapons that will be appearing in the upcoming Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2. It’s safe to assume more weapons will be added as the November 10th release date approaches.

*Assault Rifles*

– M16
– M4
– TAR-21
– AK-47
– Steyr AUG A2
– Imbel MD3
– FN 2000
– Bushmaster ACR
– G36C
– G3

*Sub Machine Guns*

– MP5
– FN P90
– UMP .45
– TDI Kriss

*Sniper Rifles*

– Mk 14
– SVD Dragunov
– Walther WA2000


– W1200
– AA-12
– Franchi SPAS-12
– Remington 870MCS
– Winchester 1887
– Armsel Striker 12 Gauge

*Light/Heavy Machine Guns*

– MK46
– M240
– MG4


– USP .45
– M1911 .45
– Glock
– Desert Eagle

*Gun Attachments*

– Red Dot Sight
– ACOG scope
– Silencer
– Thermal Scope
– Master Key Shotgun
– Heartbeat Sensor
– EOTech Holographic Weapons Sight

*Grenade Launchers*

– GP-25 Grenade Launcher
– M203 Grenade Launcher
– AT4 Rocket Launcher


– C4
– Frag Grenade
– Smoke Grenade
– Stun Grenade
– Semtex plastic Explosive


– Combat Knife
– Ice Picks

As you can see, a ton of guns found in Call Of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare (1) will be returning, as will some levels. Unfortunately as you can also see, many things look like they will not be returning. Including the scorpion (anyone care?), MP44, Mini-Uzi, AK74u, M40A3, M21, R700, Barrett .50cal (noooo!), M1014, M9, and Flashbang. Although there is no real news on new perks, a riot shield perk for multiplayer has been confirmed. Which is a big hit or miss, either people will use teamwork or it’ll be worthless and never used, e.g. Metal Gear Online’s Riot Shield.

No word yet if the RPG will return, or what weapons have been altered. Also, the M249 SAW will return but it’ll be the variant MK46, as will the M14’s variant the MK14. Lastly, silencers will not be available for any sniper rifles in multiplayer.

As for other new features, there will be new camos for some weapons and you can expect some new game modes, I’m betting it will have Capture the Flag and VIP. Vehicles for multiplayer has also been confirmed, considering CoD 3’s vehicles practically ruined the experience, here’s hoping they implement them intelligently.

So, I know I’ll be whoring the FAMAS online but what are some of your favorites? What other equipment do you hope Infinity Ward will add?

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  1. I’ve seen this list before, isn’t this the “rumoured” list?

    I was expecting the older guns to return, I’m hoping they have at least upgraded the look of the guns, like what Bungie did to Halo 3’s weapons.

  2. I’m sure many more guns from the first one will be in MW2. There is an obvious emphasis on ‘modern’ weapons, hence the scar and TDI Kriss appearance. Way more so then the first game. I’d bet a shitload the .50 cal sniper and flashbang will be in it, but four snipers would be passable. CoD 4 had what, about 30 weapons? Modern Warfare 2 will easily have upwards of 40.

    It’s a slightly modified version of the rumored list in the sense that it’s compiled mostly of and Power Unlimited’s exclusive preview

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