Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare: 11 Tips and Tricks for Instantly Becoming a Better Soldier


               Face it, until Modern Warfare 2 comes out in November its older brother will remain in the top 5 most played online games. Yes I am aware of the existence of COD: World at War and its Zombie mode popularity but for truly fantastic and realistic modern combat COD4: Modern Warfare is the game to play. It’s challenging, entertaining, has better weapons, and more satisfying gameplay.

                  However, we’ve all done it at least once. You’re playing in an online session getting slaughtered so you exit the game and walk away in frustration. Fear not modern warrior I’m here to lay down a few tips and tricks that can help you be a better soldier, for General Patton said that no war was won by having soldiers die for their country. Victory is attained by making the other guy die for his.

Tips 1 -11:

1.       A tiny GPS

            Use the minimap to locate enemies. When you’re getting fired on use this map to see where the fire is coming from. Every time you fire a weapon in the game your location shows up on the map, unless you have a silencer. Using the mini map can instantly make you a more aware player.


Look for this located in the upper right of your screen
Look for this located in the upper right of your screen


2.       Hide under the covers

           I can’t emphasize this enough; you are NOT Rambo. In this game it’s usually two or three hits and you’re down. Running around like there is a clearance sale at GameStop is not the way to play this game. If at all possible you should always stay close to a wall, tree, tank, or other object that can provide you with cover. Unless you’re a decoy with a sign that says “shoot me” you should never provide a silhouette for someone to shoot at. By lowering your profile you lower your chances of being hit.


3.       Cook them pineapples

         No your not burning down Spongebob’s house, instead say you’re looking at three guys and they don’t see you. You effectively toss a grenade (pineapple) at them and they scatter. Not only have you wasted your pineapple but you’ve effectively alerted them to your presence and missed easy kills. By letting some of the fuse cook before you launch your pineapple you take away any chance they have of escape. Be careful not to cook it too long or it, and you, will get burned because it will explode in your hand.


4.       Hot Potato is a loser’s game

           In light of tip number 2, tip number 3 is a no brainer. In COD4 you have the option of tossing a grenade back that was thrown at you. This masochistic game of Hot Potato should definitely be avoided at all costs. An experienced player nearly always cooks their grenade to avoid the possibility for a throw back. There is little to no chance that a Hot Potato game will end with victory on your part. So again, avoid it at all costs and, unless you’re cornered with nowhere to hide, never try to throw back a grenade.   


5.       We can rebuild him, we have the perks

            Infinity Ward was kind enough to create a handful of standard character set ups with default perks and kit (weapon load out). However, once the “create-a-class” option becomes available you should never use these settings again. By selecting your own weapons and perks you can customize your virtual soldier to fit your gaming strengths and weaknesses. And while choosing the weapons and perks that work best for you may take a little guess and check it is definitely worth the effort. Consider the following options if they seem like they could fit your situation:

                                                                                       i.      Juggernaut

            If you find yourself downed a lot then this perk may be for you. It may only allow you two or three more hits than normal but definitely will give you that couple of extra seconds while in the heat of battle.

                                                                                     ii.      UAV Jammer

            Trying to sneak around behind enemy lines? Well Owen Wilson would have loved to have this perk too. Getting radar painted with a UAV can turn you from predator to prey faster than a visit to Jurassic Park. This perk keeps you invisible to the UAV and when combined with a silencer attachment you remain as transparent as Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell. (That’s right. There were 3 references in that description, that’s what we call a Hat Trick)

                                                                                    iii.      Steady Aim

           If you look at the mechanics of the game, zooming in and aiming can take about 4 seconds. Pulling the trigger can take 1, and a while 3 seconds doesn’t seem like much it can definitely be an eternity when you’re in medium range combat. Shooting from the hip is a tough, yet an essential tool, and the Steady Aim perk can help those players who tend to be horrible gun slingers, by making hip fired shots more accurate.

                                                                                   iv.      Iron Lungs

            A must have for the amateur and veteran sniper alike. Whether you like to take your time to aim for that perfect shot or you need that extra time to make the shot at all this perk is perfect. Almost tripling the amount of time your hand is steady, this perk can take you from an average sniper to master sniper in no time.


6.       The right tool for the job

           This advice may seem like common sense but you’d be surprised how many times people bring knifes to gun fights. If you out fitted with a shot gun you shouldn’t be shooting at people who are outside close range. Similarly, you wouldn’t use a sniper rifle to clear a building of tangos. What this boils down to is that each weapon type has its strengths and weaknesses. Use them appropriately. If you can’t decide whether to use a rifle or a shotgun then I suggest you investigate the Overkill perk. Carrying two weapons can really make you the Swiss Army Knife of warfare. By selecting a rifle/shotgun combination you can switch to a shotgun, clear out a house, and be ready for mid range combat pretty quick. Remember you can also scavenge for dropped weapons if you don’t want to use Overkill, but ammo will be low.  Also, Foregrip is a good attachment choice if you’re using a light machine gun (LMG) or a shotgun and find that you’re not exactly accurate with it. It reduces recoil significantly and can help you make those shots that really must count.


7.       A full clip is a happy clip

            On average it takes 4 seconds to reload your weapon, about 3 times that much if you’re using an LMG. If you reload 5 times per life then you have wasted between 20secs and a minute reloading. That’s time you are incapable of fighting back. This may not seem like much but your weapon should always have a full clip and whenever the coast is clear you should reload. A good perk for keeping your clip happy is Sleight of Hand (especially if you’re using a LMG). This perks keeps you battle ready longer by cutting your reload time in half. Reload fast, and reload often. You’ll be kicking yourself if you charge into battle with only one in the chamber.




8.       Ammo is a soldier’s best friend

            Are you a bad shot and keep running out of ammo? Or are you so good that you run out of ammo before you’re killed? Either way the Bandolier perk can pack on the extra ammo to keep you running longer than the Energizer Bunny.  After all it’s hard to fire back when your magazine is empty.


9.       There is no wall

           Perhaps the best, and most underused, piece of physics to COD4 is the ability to shoot through walls. Especially when you use the Deep Impact perk, which allows for even more penetration in materials like steel and concrete. If someone takes cover try shooting through it especially if it is wood. It’s a great way to take out your tango. 



10.   Head vs. Body

           This last tip makes veteran players cringe. Never aim for the head. Headshots are easy ways to make quick exterminations but consider the fact that the head is about 10% of the body. By aiming at the head you are shooting at 10% of your whole target. The chances of hitting are much lower than that if you were aiming for the torso, a tactic they teach in today’s military basic training.  You have an 80% more chance of hitting your target if you aim for the body and not just the head. This increases you hit to miss ratio potential and you haven’t even pulled the trigger. Pretty nice huh.


11.   Have a York Peppermint Patty

            Seriously, stay cool. The best tip I could give to any gamer is to keep their cool because when you’re calm and collected you won’t make dumb mistakes like running into the end of a gun barrel. Eventually keeping cool will become second nature in game and you’ll be the coolest player in school.


There you have it, eleven simple ways to stay alive out there. So cry “HAVOC” and let slip the dogs of war.


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  1. There are 11 tips, not 10. Also, you say how Modern Warfare is “the game to play” because it has “perks” to “customize” your class and a bunch of other statements that Call of Duty: World at war also has.

    Really, all you have done is list the perks, and you can only use 3 perks, so in all honesty, this article isn’t really a “tips and tricks.”

    Sorry if I’m sounding like a critic but I found this to be not helpful at all (although I didn’t read this for the advice.) Which leads me to believe that you named it what you did just for the hits.

    However, it’s quite funny the way you described that “you aren’t Rambo, so don’t run like you would run at a clearance sale at GameStop.” Or something like that.

  2. I appreciate the comment. I made a couple of edits. I think that the advice in the article is geared for players that wouldn’t think to aim for something besides headshots, and that for most players reloading alot comes naturally but I think if people take one helpful part from the above it is worth it.

  3. nice article and “tips” 😉 I like 10) Head vs. Body, thats actually what they teach you in any millitary or police force, the head is the hardest to hit although its an instant kill.

  4. I have to add this though: If you’re about to die, drop a grenade. If you get killed, then your opponent might run right over your body and get smoked by the grenade you just dropped.

    And as for playing hot-potato, your best bet is to pull an Al Qaeda and rush the guy while holding the grenade. XD

  5. the best tip of all, when your gonna die, shoot an rpg at the ground for great win. nice article though 🙂 i need to play COD more..

  6. Here’s a better thought:

    If you’re playing hardcore search and destroy, you’re close to your team, and you see an enemy, take out that RPG, and let loose…. on the ground beneath your feet. 😀

  7. Tips for a game always help us to improve our gaming skills. Am a beginner but i choose sniper most of the time and aim head shots which is my favorite. Head shots kills the enemy instantly but if missed we are in danger.
    Anyway I will try to implement some tips of yours in my gaming style and check whether I am able to withstand the challenges.

  8. Although most of the tips are common knowledge when you’ve played the game for a bit(or even just taken the time to read the ingame tooltips:P) they’re still quite helpfull to new players – So kudos to you!

    Also, seems like machinima deleted the “deep impact” video you linked to.
    The new link is

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