CABAL Online and Perfect World Online Publisher Goes After Private Servers, publisher of popular MMOs, such as CABAL Online and Perfect World Online, increased their action against illegal private servers today. This follows the success of the shut down of one of the largest Perfect World private servers. The server was shut down with support of local law and the data centers involved.

Illegal servers are a growing problem for game developers who use a monthly fee program in their game. Players who don’t wish to pay the monthly fee will steal intellectual property (in this case, all of the games assets and coding), host it privately, and then invite people to play on it. In order to support the server, they will often find unique ways to raise money for the server and to populate it. A common method to raise money for private servers is through ads or through a small in-game item shop.

Users who play on these private servers take revenues away from the developer, which in turn, if bad enough, can cause the developer to stop developing their game, because there is little to no funding. Additionally, some private servers are also used to harvest people’s account information to the true server, because they will ask for the player’s game data. And even if the private server doesn’t do that, the gameplay can be sub-par, because the developer isn’t involved with it. will continue to work with authorities, and to take action against those individuals or groups that are in breach of international copyright laws. For the worst offenders, this will result in legal action, with damages and criminal remedies sought.

The company is hoping that this campaign will not only make the hosts of the private servers aware of the illegality and consequences of their actions, but also raise awareness to the thousands who play on these services of the risks involved.

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