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Brutal Legend had undergone aggressive and incessant marketing for several months before its actual release. They emphasized on its celebrity cast, especially Jack Black, as well as the metal theme. It seemed like a game that was bound to disappoint a bit with its focus on flashy appearances. No one really knew if there was any sort of substance in this game when it does come out. Now that we have seen it with our very own eyes, we can now make fair judgments about it. While flashy, it was done with good reason as the quality of this effort by Electronic Arts and Double Fine Productions was well worth the wait.

As a whole, the game is all about fun and entertainment. The game play is surely dynamic and every other element of the game is just about putting a smile on your face. Perhaps without having to resort to keyboard-bashing and hairsplitting, they can just be broken down in their individual respects, then judged as a whole as regular routine would have it. However, this game really makes most reviewers scratch their heads as the amount of shine put on it is quite blinding. How can you say no to Ozzy Osbourne’s guest appearance in a video game?

The storyline does more than just fill in for the gameplay. It is plenty funny on its own and the characters have variety and personalities that range from quirky to downright comedic. The lead character himself is a foil for a lot of other parties’ different agenda for whatever reasons they may have, whether they succeed or fail. The environment plays in with the characters as the combined visual style just takes the game to its intended level. It is a solid game in terms of how it looks and feels throughout the game play.

However, what really takes it up another level is when you turn up the volume. The soundtrack is what gamers really anticipated in the game since it is all about the metal. The songs in themselves are enough reason for you to play on as they are what multiplies the game play experience. Okay, maybe it is the hype that is seeping into the system, but no one can deny the fact that they are fittingly appropriate for the game and its premise.

The gameplay itself is very challenging, despite the light-hearted approach. Your thumbs will work hard in keeping up with the pace, but the music does take care of the motivation part. Stage challenges are very engaging and keeps you wanting to complete it, even if you die again and again. The multi-player also does quite a bit to keep you stuck to the game as stage challenges are way better when you play it with someone else.

Of course, as with most games that attempt any form of expansive game play, the side missions do get old pretty quick. You would complete them anyway to gain whatever rewards you’d be looking for, but they do feel a bit like a chore. Also, the biggest problem with this game is that the singleplayer campaign itself is quite short. It ends just when you’re getting really into it, which just lowers the value of this title quite a bit. While good, the single player is the main factor for buying it in the first place. Gamers who pay special attention to cost-benefit ratios may need to think twice.

If you’re not concerned with financial nitpicking, then it is alright to buy this game. A very entertaining title, Brutal Legend should do nicely as an addition to your game collection and as a very colorful and epic chapter of your gaming life.

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  1. Let’s just say I freaking love the soundtrack and theme. I mean, it’s heavy metal, the world is covered in death metal and gothic themes, fricken metal celebs running amok, and it’s also fun as Hell. This is unorthodox and it works!

  2. It’s looks really fun but it’s stupid that they doesn’t release it for Wii too but only for PS3 and Xbox 360.
    I love heavy/deathmetal and I really want this game, but not so much that i will buy a new console 😛

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