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Tim Schaefer’s creativity and Jack Black’s insanity combine to form a hilarious game in Brutal Legend, an original IP for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The game, developed by Schaefer’s studio Double Fine and published by EA, is scheduled to release this “Rocktober”, and the trailer below should give you plenty of reasons to be excited about it coming so soon.

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Jack Black stars in Brutal Legend as a roadie somehow transported to the land of metal: an incarnation of all metal culture. The setting is dominated by huge Gothic cathedrals, skulls, pentagrams, amps carved into mountains, demons, crazed cultists, and basically any imaginable metal theme. The art design for Brutal Legend wouldn’t look out of place on an Iron Maiden album cover; this is definitely a good thing for fans of both games and metal. Several icons of metal have cameos in the game, including legends like Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Halford.


Many famous guitarists and metal bands contributed to Brutal Legend’s soundtrack, which includes songs from bands such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Wolfmother, among others. Guitarists such as Zakk Wylde also contributed to what appears to be the most star-studded soundtrack yet made in a videogame. Everything in the game is related to metal in some way: headbangers mine motorcycle parts from mines, guitar strings have to be collected from giant mechanical spiders, and the evil “hair metal” usurpers are the antagonists of the game. Eddie Riggs, the roadie played by Jack Black, must use his flying V guitar and the power of rock to destroy his enemies and bring about the return of true metal.


Of course Eddie Riggs can’t do it alone, and so he enlists the help of allies, everyone from the headbanging mosh pit crowds to the celebrity cameo cast. Eddie also has his own souped up hot rod that he uses to traverse the open world environments of Brutal Legend.

The long wait for Brutal Legend is almost over, with just a few months to go before Rocktober 13th is upon us. If the game is as funny as some of the trailers have been, it should make for a great time.

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  1. looks like a unique game, i just really hate that whole metal theme, bunch of dirty apes need to cut their hair and start playing some jazz

  2. At least you’re not a hair metal sellout haha.

    I just wish they had some Metallica, AC/DC and Iron Maiden songs. But they do have some music by Zakk Wylde, he’s an excellent guitarist.

  3. Jack Black in a video game? that guy is hilarious! He himself is a great music artist as well. I cant wait to play this game, the soundtrack for Brutal Legend is jammed packed with great Metal songs. I think in this game when you kill a jazz player you get bonus points? … seriously…… that’s what I heard 😉

  4. Hmm, zombies… there are demons, and weird cultists for sure, but I haven’t seen any zombies. They aren’t really that metal.

    And why the hate for metal and rock haha. I thought you used to like that stuff.

  5. I have short hair now too. Nothing wrong with long hair or metal though lol.

    To be honest the stuff I like is really more rock than metal. They need some Metallica and stuff in this game, Black Sabbath has some good guitar but one band isn’t enough for the soundtrack.

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