Brink Gameplay Montage!

Jonesing for some awesome new gameplay from the hotly anticipated upcoming Brink?  Well, look no further, because below are three new pieces of gameplay and each flows nicely to the next (just click play on the next video after the first ends, and repeat).

[gametrailers 59705]

[gametrailers 59707]

[gametrailers 59709]

The game looks to be shaping up quite nicely, but that’s to be expected with a company like Bethesda behind it.  For those unfamiliar with the game it’s a first person shooter being developed by Splash Damage.  It features an innovative free running system that lets you maneuver around environments in dynamic and unique ways based on your position and immediate need.  Brink also features a story mode that can be played cooperatively with up to 8 other players online.

Brink releases in fall 2010 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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